Interview with an Ex-Vampire (Full 9 part video series)

If William Schnoebelen is to be believed, he’s lead a pretty extraordinary life.  He began as a Catholic youth and progressed become a Mormon, an occult enthusiast, a vampire, a Freemason, a witch, and ultimately a born again Christian.

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Bill claims that his fascination with doom and darkness influenced him throughout his life and lead him to witness and become involved unimaginable evil.   He was a haunted man, in a literal sense.  He explains that there were ghosts who would have knife fights in his home.  When he was in college, he participated in a seance and raised a “spirit” that ended up sticking around for two years.   He discusses in depth the demonic power behind so-called witchcraft.   His story about real life vampirism is far more sinister than anything that Hollywood could dream up. He even exposes some information about werewolves.

His testimony has been available online for years, but many have not heard his story.

I share the entire interview below for your information.  I’d love for you all to take the time to watch, and share your thoughts.  This is a NINE hour presentation, so you may want to bookmark this post so you can watch the series in parts as you have time.

Mr. Schnoebelen’s most recent book, released just this year is called read this

If you enjoyed these videos, you can purchase more from Bill by visiting his website: