In Defense of… Alex Jones

I’m launching a new series here on E.I. which will attempt to defend those persons and movements that have, in my mind, been unfairly maligned.  This is the first installment.

With popularity comes success.  With success comes increased visibility.  With that increase in visibility comes scrutiny.  With scrutiny comes judgement.  With judgement comes negativity.  With negativity comes antagonism.  With antagonism comes rumor.  With rumor comes lies.  With lies come perceived truths.  Perceived truths turn into “facts”.   Ultimately, these “facts” become weapons.   The truth is lost in the shuffle and those casting the biggest stones inevitably started out as fans.  What a cycle.

how to get to know someone online datingAlex Jones has been on my radar for many years.  My initial reaction was that he was an earnest man who dealt in conspiracies.  I didn’t accept a lot of those conspiracies but I was riveted and I listened.  Over time, I delved into my own research and found that much of what Jones was saying was true.  At that point, I became a fan.  I enjoyed his larger than life personality, and I felt that his passionate delivery matched the urgency of his message.

As the years passed, Jones remained on the radar.  Did anyone expect him to go away?  His success is a barometer for his accuracy.  What I mean is, if everything Alex said was horse hockey, he’d likely not have the kind of growing audience that he does.  And of course, with that increase in popularity, personalities tend to change.  Alex started sounding a little more arrogant.  The word “blowhard” came to mind more than once.  His success MAY have been going to his head.  Just a little.

Yet, the infowar waged on.   Jones never slowed down.  He made alliances with amazing people (Ron Paul) and some kind of embarrassing people (Charlie Sheen).  But through it all, I believe that Jones maintained his integrity.  He has continued to expose that which otherwise would remain in shadow.  There is NO ONE in the alternative media that has managed to break more stories, bring more secrets to light, or open more eyes.

Is it necessary for one to agree with everything a man says in order to recognize him as a valid voice in the call for truth and justice?  I don’t agree with everything Alex says.  I’ve been disappointed occasionally when he delves a bit into New Agey mumbo jumbo.  But when I take him at face value and I explore the breaking news stories and exposés that he feeds his audience daily, I cannot deny that he has been a vital part of what has become the “Truth” movement.  Hey, he built that 🙂

I have admittedly criticized Jones.  I didn’t agree with his tactics when he showed up on the scene of a 2nd Amendment rally with his blowhorn, drowning out all of the voices for liberty that were there long before he arrived on that specific scene.  With that said, Jones is a prolific filmmaker, an ardent researcher and documentarian, and should be given due credit for peeling the scales off of the eyes of a public once lulled into submission by propaganda and outright lies.

Who can claim that they’d ever heard the term “false flag” before Jones released this site?  The frightening world of eugenics was made center stage in his film order xanax online canada no prescription.  I for one had my entire way of thinking shifted after seeing multicultural essay Vermont.

If you’ve never seen Endgame, watch the full movie below.  It is a mind blower.

Alex Jones has been accused of many things.  Cointel-pro, Jesuit informer, and Vatican Assassin, to name just a few.  The truth is that he is a man who launched an empire based on the simple prospect that the people have the right to know the truth.  He’s made missteps along the way.  His ego has inflated.  He has aligned himself with questionable people and yes… there have been a few incidents where he’s over-zealously chased red herrings down dead end rabbit holes.

But, when all is said and done, Jones has helped more than he’s hindered.  He’s applied a simple formula to a complex theme.  He sits behind a microphone and sounds the alarm for several hours per day.  He invites his audience to do their own homework and to check his sources.  He brings an alternative view to a primarily spoon fed media.  And for that, I’m thankful.

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