Illuminazi – Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove: A film by Anthony J Hilder and Robert Hammond

“We need to incite a revelation to avoid a revolution.” – filmmaker Anthony J. Hilder of Free World Film Works

Bohemian Grove… a topic we’ve tackled in the past here on Extraordinary Intelligence.   That sinister little darling of uber-elite, Bohemian Grove is nestled snugly under a canopy of redwoods in California.   The all boy’s club has been and continues to be the resort of choice for the rich and powerful… and I mean POWERFUL.  We’re talking about past and future Presidents of the United States powerful.

So what?  Why do we care if heads of State and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies want to gather annually for a little camping trip?  Why is it any of our business what they get up to during their “down time”?  Well, what if I told you that the attendees of Bohemian Grove are getting up to a bit more mischief than the mere summertime shenanigans that you and your pals tend to do on Spring Break?  What if I told you that Presidents are chosen, legislation is decided upon, future events are coordinated, wars are planned, plots are hatched, and that’s only the half of it.  They also perform occult rituals, plan population control, and manipulate our very lives.

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Hooded figures gather around the great stone owl (Owl of Bohemia) in the "Cremation of Care" ceremony; an annual ritual during which an effigy is burned to represent the casting off of one's worries. Lest you assume this is fiction, this bizarre ceremony has been captured on film, and there is no question that it DOES happen.

A recent film released by Anthony J. Hilder and Robert Hammond blows the lid off of the secret dealings of the establishment as they frolic through their private summer getaway.   I learned of the film after hearing an interview with Hilder and Hammond on the radio program Reflections in the Dark.  You can hear the full interview with hosts Richard Grund and Joe Cetrone here:  xanax placebo

In Illuminazi – Bilderberg West Bohemian Grove (Full film at bottom of this article), we learn that real evil is afoot amid these beautiful natural surroundings.  The film uses a compilation of interviews, news footage, and film clips to expose once and for all what really happens in those cloak and dagger backrooms of legend and lore.  The truth is indeed stranger – and scarier – than fiction.

Illuminazi begins with a montage of images that flash across the screen, while the stirring “Secret Society Speech” by John F. Kennedy plays in the background.  As the documentary unfolds, the viewer is methodically exposed to the truth of the sinister things happening in the dark realms where the Establishment dwell.  So shocking are the allegations that one might be tempted to dismiss it all outright, but a steady stream of credible evidence and witnesses would beg to differ.

While those who already are well versed in Bohemian Grove scholarship may find some of the information old hat, I guarantee that no one will walk away from the film without having learned something new.  Certainly, much of what is alleged about the Grove and the dirty dealings within is speculation… but I tend to believe that there is enough circumstantial and anecdotal evidence of criminal activity to present a winning case in any court of law, if any court of law would be brave enough to take on the case.  Which, of course, they wouldn’t.

Left: Anthony J. Hilder - Right: Robert Hammond

If you’ve never heard of Bohemian Grove, this film will blow your mind.  If you’re one who thinks there’s nothing wrong with what goes on behind those private gates, this film will convince you to think again.  If you are convinced that there is shady activity at the Grove, but nothing of a truly criminal nature, allow Illuminazi to enlighten you.  And if you think that the druidic and occultic rituals that take place before the giant stone owl are simple plays and performances, perhaps Hammond and Hilder can cause you to take another look.

Because, while this is a film about Bohemian Grove, it is also a film about the frightful reality of the power players at the highest reaches of control.  If those ancient trees could talk, they’d surely tell us tales that would cause sleepless nights indefinitely.  Tales of diabolical plotting and scheming, stories of orgiastic debauchery; perhaps they’d even tell us of satanic sacrifice and blood rites.

I was once one of those people who assumed that the “Cremation of Care” was all pageantry.  But I now question whether the pomp and circumstance may be a cover for real malevolence.  One only need turn to materials published by the Grove itself.  Under the assumption of privacy, these devious megalomaniacs release brochures meant for the eyes of members only.  Over the years, these materials have surfaced, and the imagery is less than encouraging.  Take a look at the photos below:

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1909 Bohemian Grove photo which appears to show and African American child being carried on a makeshift stretcher, to the delight of Grove members.

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Photo from the Grove that was featured in a 2004 edition of National Geographic, captioned, "To purge himself of worldly concerns, a member of the elite Bohemian Club participated in a 1915 Cremation of Care ceremony—complete with candles and a robed and hooded comrade to guide him. This private club of influential men still meets annually north of San Francisco and uses this symbolic ritual to kick off its summer retreat. But today the ceremony involves burning a mummy-like effigy named Care at the foot of the group’s mascot: a 40-foot-tall (12-meter-tall) concrete owl."

This old photo, taken from the Bohemian Grove Annals Book (a book given to members containing historical photos from the Grove) appears to show a man being hung.

Now, one could argue that none of these pictures depict a “real” sacrifice, but my question is this….is it not disturbing in the least that the elites of our nation are so obsessed with death and destruction?  This really should give one a reason to pause, and consider the mindset involved in such activities, even if it isn’t real.  And the next question is… but what if it IS real?

These topics and more are presented in an quickfire, in your face manner in Illuminazi.  In a statement to Extraordinary Intelligence, filmmaker Robert Hammond says, “My basic reason for making the film was to shine a light into these dark places, to evoke thought and controversy so people can wake up to what’s really going on in the world.”

From the Official Press Release:

The film features an exclusive interview with late FBI Senior Special Agent-in-Charge Ted Gunderson who describes government sponsored kidnappings, mind control and satanic ritual abuse. Other subjects include popular talk personality Alex Jones who uncovers the connections between Bohemian Grove, the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, and the new world order. “Illuminazi” reveals the inner workings and goals of this criminal cabal and how this secret society orchestrated such conspiracies as the Kennedy assassination and the 9/11 attack.

“We need to incite a revelation to avoid a revolution,” says filmmaker Anthony J. Hilder of Free World Film Works. Hilder is the director of “Illuminazi” and 21 other documentaries exposing what he refers to as the “Illuminati’s Evilarchy.” He will be producing a show on the UK based television network “” (link:

The film was co-produced by Robert Hammond, award-winning screenwriter and author of several bestselling books, including Life Without Debt (Career Press), Credit Secrets (Paladin Press), Identity Theft (Career Press), and Grace Period (Xulon Press).

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