Illinois Senator Visited by Angels in Hospital

After 28 years in politics, one can assume that Illinois Senator Mark Kirk has witnessed his share of sinister happenings.  But, according to Senator Kirk, the vision he received after suffering a massive stroke last year was nothing short of miraculous.

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Senator Kirk was welcomed with applause as he returned to Washington on January 3, 2013.

As the Republican Senator was lying in a bed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit in Chicago, he wondered if the end might be near for him.  He’d experienced an ischemic stroke on Jan. 21, 2012 that had put him in a coma.  Doctors performed multiple surgeries, including one which removed a portion of Kirk’s skull in order to ease the pressure from brain swelling.  It was during this agonizing time that he says he received an angelic visitation.  In fact, he claims that he was visited by three angels who stood at the end of his hospital bed.  They asked him if he’d like to come with them.

Kirk, who wasn’t ready to leave this life just yet gave the visitors an emphatic “No,” then added, “I’ll hold off.”

He cannot say for certain whether the angels were really with him or if it was an artifact from his coma or medication, but the Senator says that the entire experience has strengthened his faith.

“I would say that I definitely became much more religious,” Kirk told the clomid cramps after ovulation. “They say there are no atheists in foxholes, and this stroke put me into a very deep foxhole. Yet, that feeling of faith sustained me, so I have no feelings of anger or regret.”

In fact, while he continues to struggle with impaired speech and motor skills, the Senator considers his stroke to have been a blessing and refers to it as his “old friend.”

Last week, Senator Kirk returned to Washington and was greeted by the applause of his colleagues at he climbed the 45 steps to the Capitol building (he sent his staffers ahead of time to count the stairs so that he’d be prepared) just as he said he would.

Video of Senator Kirk’s return to office below: