Huge Sinkhole Opens Under Woman's Bed

While inside her home, Inocenta Hernandez of Guatemala City heard a giant “boom” coming from somewhere.  She ran outside thinking that perhaps there had been some kind of explosion.  When she could find no evidence of disturbance outside, she went back into her home, only to discover a 40 ft deep sinkhole in her bedroom, below her bed.

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The sinkhole that appeared was 3ft wide and 40ft deep

Thankfully, no one was hurt when the Earth opened under Inocenta’s home.

Guatemala is prone to sinkholes like the one reported here.  In 2010, tropical storm Agatha was the catalyst for an enormous sink hole in Guatemala City that reportedly swallowed a three story building.

In 2007, the same city was shocked by a 330 ft hole that opened up, killing several people, destroying homes and buildings in the area.



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