Howl at the Super Moon

Well, so far the Super Moon has been pretty uneventful.  I stepped outside to try to catch a glimpse and perhaps a picture… to no avail.  I guess it is too overcast in my neck o’ the woods to see the Super Moon, which makes it all the less super.  At least for me.  See my previous coverage of the Super Moon for more detail about predictions:

But what of the reports that the Super Moon was the harbinger of a slew of natural disasters across the Globe?  Well, it is relatively early (about 1:30 am CT) but it appears that nothing of note has happened tonight.  Which is a blessing, considering the fact that Continued as we speak and the similarities and differences essay San Jose continues to worsen.  The last thing we need is more heartache.

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Just to be certain, I took a look at the site link to see if there has been an increase in activity today.  Here’s what it looked like:

As far as the United States, there was a 2.8 in Arkansas near Conway today, a 3.6 near Anchorage, Alaska, a number of small quakes in California (I think the largest was a 2.2), and a 2.8 near Lubbock, Texas.  Worldwide there were quite a few in Japan, which were the ongoing aftershocks after the devastating 9.0, a 5.2 near Papua New Guinea, a 5.4 in Chile, a few tremblers in Puerto Rico, a 5.0 in Ethiopia, and a 2.6 in Finland.

I’m certainly not a geologist, but with the exception of the continuing aftershocks in Japan, I don’t think there is anything too unusual happening on the earthquake front tonight.  Someone more familiar with normal seismic patterns is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong. With that said, there were quite a number of 5 + quakes worldwide… but I’m not sure we can attribute them to the Super Moon.

In any case, things have been particularly tense around the world lately… and Extraordinary Intelligence has been quite dreary in the wake of all of this chaos.  So I decided that tonight, in honor of the Super (up for debate) Moon, I’m gonna share a few songs about that lovable satellite of ours.  Because there is absolutely nothing wrong with letting yourself smile and tap your feet, even in the face of so much sadness.  Let’s get some positive vibes flowing… shall we?  Enjoy!