Harold Camping Sets New Date For Rapture: Offers Only Feeble Apology

shop tramadol onlineAccording to Prophet Harold, the best way to handle this bit of bad PR was NOT to admit he was wrong, but to claim that God’s mercy lead to the “disappointment” of May 21, 2011. In fact, rather than making humanity suffer for 5 months, until the FINAL DAY… he’s decided to just let the Earth go out with a bang on October 21, 2011.

I am listening to Harold Camping on Open Forum as we speak. He sounds utterly unapologetic as reporters grill him for answers about his failed doomsday prediction.  I am going to try to type the questions and answers as they come and put this out as quickly as possible… so it isn’t going to be the prettiest post I’ve ever done… but I want to get the information out.  The worst part is that his staff has completely revamped the Family Radio site… removing any trace of the May 21, 2011 prediction that had previously plastered across all of the pages.  Now it is neat and clean.  As if it never happened.

He says his calculations were NOT wrong. He says nothing has changed… we just have to wait for another five months. He says, “The structure of God’s timeline has not changed.  No change at all.”

He stumbled through his explanations. “My life and the life of many others… if we found we made a mistake we’ll correct that immediately. [May 21] was an invisible judgement day. A spiritual judgement day. But it was still a judgement day.”

When asked about the earthquake that was meant to take place he says, it is pointed out to him that he said in no uncertain terms that it was not going to be a spiritual earthquake… that it was going to be a real earthquake that would make the one in Japan look mild in comparison. He says, “When we study the Bible, we don’t know everything. The Bible is very complex…. I challenge everybody, read every word and try to decide what is God saying? I don’t know if any of you have tried that…. You’ll find that you’ll read verse after verse and you’ll wonder, ‘What is God talking about?’ We have to do it. We don’t always hit the nail on the head the first time. We’re a long way toward being right. But it’s not physically at this time, it is spiritual. We have not been wrong about that at all.”

A reporter asks, we are not capable of understanding the Bible is that what you’re saying?  He arrogantly says,  “You are correct.”

The topic came up of the woman who tried to kill her children and herself in fear of the tribulation… How do you feel about the woman who tried to take her life and her children’s lives?   “Death is terrible. That would’ve been a horrible thing if she had done that.”  Then he was asked, Do you feel you have any responsibility?   “I don’t have any responsibility. I can’t be the responsibility of anybody’s life….I don’t have spiritual rule over anybody… except my wife.   Because at the head of the household, I have spiritual control.”

He was asked, Are you prepared to apologize? He abruptly went to break before answering that question.

Finally, when Open Forum returned, the question was asked, how can you in good conscience say that the world will end in October on the heels of your failed prediction for May 21, 2011?  “I have never never told anybody that I’m infallible…. There isn’t any student of the Bible who can say I have never made a mistake.”  But he reaffirms that his dates are correct.  Doomsday is October 21, 2011.

A reporter asked, how much money has family radio spent?  “I don’t know. I haven’t kept track of that. I have been careful to watch that we’ve had enough money to pay our bills.” He adds, “God is the CEO. I’m the servant.”

He was then reminded about that pesky question of an apology. Are you prepared to apologize? “What was that question?” he said. It was repeated. He coolly says, “If people want me to apologize I can apologize, yes I did not have it all as I should have. I’m not a genius. I pray all the time for wisdom. When I make an error I say Yes I was wrong. It was to be understood spiritually, not physically. The world is now under judgement where it was not prior to May 21, 2011.”

He was asked, will you return the money to your donors? “No that money is still going out. We are still continuing in business. We’re not out of business. We still have to go another 5 months. Why would we return it?” Finally he was asked, “Will you dissolve the company in October 21? He replied, “If it’s the end of the world, God will dissolve it.”

When confronted with the question of how to address his followers who spent their life savings thinking that the world would end on May 21… he says, “The fact is that just as I’m talking very candidly to you…  please understand we don’t advise anybody what to do… we’re not in the business of financial advice.   We had a great recession… there are lots of people that lost their jobs… their houses.  Lots of people had this and that… and somehow they all survived.  Maybe a cousin helped them or the city… some cases were very severe… I’ll tell ya, what has happened to the average person listening to Family Radio isn’t nearly as grievous.  People cope. ”

This man has no remorse for the lives that he’s helped to throw into turmoil.  I grant you, there has to be a level of personal responsibility here… but for the faithful, who Camping readily admits are not capable of understanding the Bible like he can, Camping is the man to listen to… and therefore, he has lead his flock, however gullible they are, astray.  And he doesn’t seem to care.