Happy International Cat Day!!

Thank you Facebook, for being a very reliable source for all things kitty cat!  I just found out via my FB feed that today is International Cat Day!

In fact, today marks the 10 year anniversary of world cat day, and groups around the globe are finding unique ways to celebrate.  I asked my friendly feline (Solomon) how he’d like to celebrate the day, and he informed me that encouraging our Extraordinary readers to make a donation to their local animal shelter is the way to go.  He’s such a philanthropist!

If you don’t have the funds, why not donate your time?  Or best of all… how about considering adopting a kitty of your very own.  It’s an investment in happiness, I can guarantee you that.   Joy for both you and your little fur baby!  Whatever the shelter is in your area, from the Humane Society to the ASPCA, we’re certain there are lots of critters who could use some extra lovin.

Meanwhile, here is a pic of King Solomon.  Meow!

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Below, my favorite cat video…