Gulf Oil Leak Crisis Worse Than We Think?

I like to think of myself as one who stays ahead of the curve… reads between the lines, and sees things on the horizon well beyond what’s being discussed in the mainstream.  However, until yesterday, I hadn’t any grasp on just how desperate the situation in the Gulf off the Louisiana coast had really become.

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Most of you have heard by now about Deepwater Horizon drilling rig which caught fire, burned for two days, then sank in 5,000 ft of water in the Gulf of Mexico.  And perhaps you’ve seen the television coverage of this event.  As I perused the channels, I noticed that most people were only talking about the political implications of this crisis.  Will this damage the Republican battle cry of “drill baby drill”?  Is this Obama’s “Katrina” moment?  How will this effect the 2012 elections? Etc…etc…ad nauseum.

And as of today, visiting any of the big 3 news sites, (CNN/MSNBC/FOXNEWS)  you literally have to search the page for info about the oil leak.  Seems reporters are far more eager to put on their fear monger hats about some guy who parked a van full of manure and fireworks in Times Square.

Then there was that press briefing today. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs spoke to the press about how BP is working to find a solution to the oil that is pouring into the Gulf. He was soft shoeing and low balling the facts and figures, and I finally had enough.

It seems that the truth is far more staggering.  In fact, this incident could well be one of the most catastrophic events EVER to hit our oceans, and the ecosystem at large.  And let me make this disclaimer before proceeding.. I am NOT a Global Warming alarmist. I am NOT a bleeding heart Liberal. And I am certainly not aligned with Al Gore in any way.  This is real. It is devastating. And its time to wake up.

ABOVE: Top NOAA official discusses the dire consequences of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

Here are some facts to consider.

* A quart of motor oil can contaminate up to 250,000 gallons of water, making it toxic to wildlife. With that said, think of the damage that will be done to the ocean as this massive leak continues to spread.

*As the oil approaches the coast of Louisiana and Florida, it is important to note that once it his the Gulf Stream, it could threaten the coast of Georgia as well, and continue to spread. buy ambien online cheap

According to the AP: “Scientists fear if the oil spill isn’t contained and the underwater well continues to spew unstopped, it could grow so large that it may be sucked with the currents around the Florida Keys and up the East Coast.”

*While it would take MASSIVE amounts of oil to contaminate every drop of ocean water, it is important to remember that most marine life depends on the COASTS to thrive.  This includes reefs, estuaries, beaches, etc.  And nearly all oceanic wildlife lives near the surface of the ocean where the oil contaminant accumulates.

high school lab reportsNASA Satellite Imagery (Click This Link)

Now, the White House seems to be somewhat downplaying the figures on precisely how much oil is leaking into the Gulf.  But Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen has announced more helpful hints

At the current estimated rate of leakage, it would take less than eight weeks for the huge spill to surpass the Exxon Valdez disaster.

The figures that arise from that amount of oil are staggering.  It has been stated that it could take a minimum of 90 days to “cap” the hole that the oil is leaking from. And this is likely a VERY optimistic forecast.  The worst oil spill affecting US waters was caused by a 1979 blowout aboard the Ixtoc, a Mexican rig that spewed approximately 130 million gallons of oil, 600 miles south of the Texas coast. It took nine months to plug that terrible leak.

There are also fears of an ocean floor collapse in the area surrounding the hole, causing the oil to pour even more heavily into the Gulf.  We could be looking at a veritable geyser of crude oil surging into the ocean with no human way possible to stop it.

Experts and officials are saying that their greatest fear is a disintegration of pipes close to the rig producing an “unchecked gusher” that would ravage America’s southern coastline.

I do not claim to be an expert on oil slicks or oil rigs or marine biology.  However, I think that it is vital that we all look upon this event with eyes wide open.  Here are a few links worth reading.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the issue.  The impact could be Global.