Growling Woman Attacks Fellow Passenger on Edmonton Train

In a video posted to You Tube last Thursday, a passenger on the Edmonton Transit System (ETS) can be seen acting very strangely and ultimately the growling woman is seen violently attacking a fellow passenger.

The red haired woman featured in the video appears to be calmly rifling through her purse.  She pulls out a cell phone and looks at it then puts it back. All appears to be relatively normal., the woman’s face seems to change as she looks around the train.  Her neck and jaw tense up and her previously calm behavior turns erratic.  She reaches her hands above her head and suddenly whips her head to look at the passenger next to her, and growls.

In a sudden movement, the woman jumps to her feet and puts her hand around the passenger’s neck, strangling him and pressing him against the wall.  She growls at him and begins to strike him in the face.  She pulls his hair roughly and then walks away.  The man then jumps up and tries to fight her for some reason, and a tussle ensues.

Transit Peace Officers arrive and attend to both of them. City of Edmonton spokeswoman Cheryl Oxford confirmed to Global News that two people were involved in an altercation on a train. Officers were doing rounds at the Churchill LRT station when the incident occurred, the network reported.

“As you see on the video, the transit officers reacted quickly and appropriately and were able to ensure the safety of the passengers as soon as they were able to intervene,” Oxford said.

Both individuals were issued $500 fines for fighting in public. Edmonton police are not investigating at this time, the network said.”

What are we looking at here?  Is this a case of a woman who is high on drugs?  There are certain drugs that make people act pretty crazy. However, there is something about this video that doesn’t sit right with me.  Is it possible that we’re witnessing a woman possessed?

Watch the video here, and please note, there is a LOT of bad language.

Update: The video below was shot just prior to the video above where the attack is shown. In this video, the woman appears to go from calm to frantic, ripping a necklace from her neck, and then returning to calm. Very weird.