Grade School Student Threatens to Sacrifice her Classmates to Satan – Says She’s in the Illuminati

A combined 5th and 6th grade classroom at John Sloat Elementary School in Sacramento, California was terrorized on Thursday during a student’s outburst in class.  The young girl reportedly said she wanted to sell her soul to the devil, and threatened to “kill everybody.”

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“I was scared,” Ibarra said. “And I was crying really bad.”

Students said a 5th grade girl started shouting she was part of the Illuminati and threatened to kill other students.

“She said she wanted to sell her soul to the devil,” Ibarra said. “And she said she’ll kill everybody.”

“Everybody just started crying because they were scared that they were going to die that day,” 6th grader Elizabeth Martinez added. Martinez was also in the class and witnessed everything.

does amoxicillin cause insomnia babiesAccording to classmates, the teacher simply told them to ignore the girl’s tirade as she allegedly wrote “666” on the bathroom wall,  and screamed about a hit list that included the names of fellow students.

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“She said she kept on telling them ‘I’m the devil and he’s the devil too. We here to kill people,’ ” said Juanita.

Hiding inside a bathroom stall, Juanita says her 6-year-old granddaughter was shaking as the sixth grader was allegedly making the threats.

“She seen the girl, the girl had painted like orange red horns,” said Juanita.

Antonio says his son told him the girl was making similar claims moments before inside the classroom.

“Gave or sold her soul to the devil and she had a list of kids she wanted to kill, and on that list was my son’s name,” he said.

Later on Thursday evening, parents received a text message from the school alerting them of the incident.  They also sent children home on Friday with a letter  that outlined a sentiment similar to the official statement of Gabe Ross, SCUSD Chief Communications Officer:

“Authorities are investigating a disturbance inside a John Sloat Elementary School classroom. The school responded immediately and all students were safe. The incident did not involve weapons and no one was physically harmed. Counseling and other resources have been made available to all John Sloat students today and will continue to be available as needed.”

Classroom eyewitnesses disagree with the claim that no weapons were involved.  From find more:

“I seen her try to cut herself and draw blood,” 5th grader Xavier Monti explained what happened in the class. “But then she got up and tried to stab another girl a seat away from her.”

Families of the kids involved report being very upset that they weren’t alerted right away about the incident.  Students appear to have been understandably traumatized by the event.  One young girl told her grandmother, “I close my eyes and I can see the girl, and I don’t want to go to sleep.”

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