Gem Stone Healing

I have always been interested in the healing power of stones and really anything provided by nature.  As I was paging through my archive of downloaded Coast to Coast AM programs, I came upon an old favorite of mine.

George Noory interviewed a fun and informative woman named ghanaian christian dating sites.  She’s a world renowned authority on holistic healing, and is really just the most bubbly and fun personality to listen to.  She’s written many books about the healing properties of nature, as well as several novels.

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I enjoyed the program so much, I decided to give it another listen.  She explains that different stones contain varying vibrations.  In order to tap into these vibes, you must place the stones on different points of the body, or chakras.  They work best if you leave them there for approximately 20 minutes while you take a nap.

Dr. Kaehr laid out her list of the Top 10 most powerful healing gems and their properties.

  • Rose Quartz: brings love, weight loss, and helps reduce wrinkles.
  • Hematite: useful for grounding, and absorbing negative energy.
  • Amethyst: fosters psychic development, helps battle addictions.
  • Citrine: tends to attract financial abundance.
  • Aventurine: alleviates aches and pains, and also attracts money.
  • Sodalite: assists with thyroid and hypoglycemic issues.
  • Lapis: most recommended by Cayce, helpful with migraines, acid reflux.
  • Fluorite: relieves allergies and aids in concentration.
  • Serpentine/Infinite: used for various kinds of healing and can turn dark when people use it because it takes on the person’s energy so they can heal.
  • Bloodstone: a miraculous stone that works opposite to infinite because the user actually takes on its properties.

I just love the idea that these minerals created naturally contain some kind of healing or transformative quality.  My father was always a collector of stones.  Anywhere we went he’d search for rocks and he knows all of their names.  My favorites are Bloodstone (not extremely pretty, but I love that it fades the more you handle it) and Amethyst.  My dad has a raw Amethyst that he displays in a china cabinet, and as a little girl I would take it out and just hold it, looking at it, marveling at how the outside just looked like an ordinary rock, but inside was purple magic.

So what do you think?  Can the human body and mind benefit from gem stones?