Bohemian Grover's Elite Escapades

For those who aren’t familiar with the secret getaway for the ultra elite that is Bohemian Grove, here is a little primer:

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I’ll more than likely be doing a more extensive post about this all boys’ fraternity and their strange rituals, but for now, I will share with you a little insight into how my silly mind works.

When I was watching a documentary about Bohemian Grove some time ago, someone referred to the members as “Bohemian Grovers” which brought to my mind the character Grover from Sesame Street.  This of course unleashed a flurry of inspiration in my over active imagination, and below you will find the result.  Enjoy!***

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Here we find Bohemian Grover standing in front of the statue of the Owl of Bohemia. Some say that the owl's real name is Moloch or Molech. Moloch was the chief god of the Ammonites who lived in Ammon, an eastern section of Canaan. Images and statues of the great Owl can be found throughout Bohemian Grove. It is said that worshipers of Moloch sacrificed infants to their Great Owl god. Happy times!


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Bohemian Grover sure does love that Cremation of Care ceremony, which takes place every summer at Bohemian Grove.

From a buy cialis online us pharmacy advertising the event during which a human dummy is burned in effigy, “…Oh, Beauty’s Vassals, let us together seek the counsel of the Great Owl of Bohemia so that we may rediscover the wisdom needed to banish Dull Care once again! ‘Hail, Fellowship’s Eternal Flame!’”

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Bohemian Grover remembers fondly the summers he spent at the Grove with his good pals. One special occasion was a dinner with former Presidents Reagan and Nixon.


Sometimes things get a little rowdy at the Cremation of Care.



With all of his best pals, Bohemian Grover is shuttled throughout the Grove grounds. Here we see Grover with fellow members Dick Cheney, GWB, Rupert Murdoch, and designated driver, Henry Kissinger.



Bohemian Grover always likes to take some memories home with him. This shot is from a touching moment spent with fellow Grove member Karl Rove. Ah, memories!

***all of the images here are taken from actual pictures from inside Bohemian Grove, and given my own personal twist!