Full Scale Replica of Noah’s Ark Now Open to Visitors

In 1992, Johan Huibers had a dream wherein he watched his homeland, the Netherlands, as it was completely flooded by the North Sea.  Shaken by his vision, he was inspired to try to build a replica of the Biblical Ark that delivered Noah and his family from a worldwide flood.

In 2004, Huibers completed a half scale replica of Noah’s Ark.  Using proceeds he earned by giving tourists Ark rides through a canal, he invested in the building of a full scale replica of the famed vessel.  He endeavored to use methods, materials and measurements as close to those that are described in Scripture as he could.

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God told Noah to use “resin wood”.  Noah used gopher wood (experts still argue as to what “gopher wood” truly is), Huibers used a different resin wood, Scandinavian pine.  The Bible describes the ark as having been 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high.  A cubit is an ancient unit of measure said to be about the distance between a man’s elbow to fingertips.  Using his own arm as reference, Huibers build his ark 300 cubits long (about 450 feet or 137 meters), 50 cubits wide (about 70 feet or 21 meters), and 30 cubits high (about 45 feet or 14 meters).  His completed ark weighs 3,000 tons and can accomodate 1,500 people.  Rather than keeping real animals on the ship, Huibers has placed life sized animal statues throughout the ark.

Huibers is a devout Christian and Creationist, and his goal is to educate people about his faith.  He’d initially hoped to sail the ark and bring his message to London in time for the Olympics, but safety concerns by officials in London prevented the voyage.

“We want to tell people about God,” Huibers told next page. “We wanted to build something that can help explain the Bible in real terms.”

In an interesting turn of events, the 2012 apocalypse panic craze has prompted more than a few affluent folks to offer Huibers money for space on the ark, in the off chance that the world may end on December 21 of this year.   Huibers zithromax azithromycin 250 mg that the ark is not meant to be a “rescue boat”.  It is an educational museum.  He clearly doesn’t put a lot of stock in Mayan prophecy.

Johan’s Ark is now open to visitors.