Former Scorpions Rocker Claims He Attended a ‘Snuff Party’

This is almost too disgusting to post, but I believe that this type of information is critical to understanding just how profane and diabolical the entertainment industry can be.  And it is disturbing on a number of levels.

useful linkIn 2012, paparazzi in Germany encountered Ralph Rieckermann, former bassist for rock band Scorpions.  You’ve probably heard their music. Perhaps their most famous hit in the 80s was “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” During his 12 year career with Scorpions, Ralph recorded 8 gold and platinum awarded albums that sold millions of copies world-wide. He currently works as a composer for film and television.

So, the camera man approaches Rieckermann and asks him if he plans to attend any “German fetish parties.”  Obviously, the camera man is joking, but he did not expect Rieckermann’s answer.  In a shocking admission, the 80s rocker claims that he had attended snuff parties in the past.

Before we continue, some of you may not know what a “snuff party” is.  Simply, a snuff party is an alleged gathering where people (usually elites with lots of cashola to burn) pay a ridiculous amount of money to watch someone get murdered.  Sometimes they might actually participate in the killing.  Some claim that snuff parties and snuff films are an urban legend, but eye-witness accounts through out the years have given a reason to consider that such atrocities might actually be taking place in the darkest and most secretive corners of society.

Rieckermann does not appear to be joking about this confession.  In the video he states, “I went to one, one time I seen really bad sh*t…. ”  He continues, “They actually killed people there and stuff.  They pay up to like $100,000 to see people get…”  The camera man interrupts, “Executed?”  Rieckermann finishes, “I’m not kidding.”

And he’s not done there.  He goes on to say, “I went to another one, where literally I saw like… the grossest… I wanted to throw up.”

Watch the video of Rieckermann’s interview below. Try not to be disgusted by how flippantly TMZ treats the subject of murder parties.

Clearly, such “parties” and actions are Satanic and straight from the pit of Hell.  It is inconceivable to the average person that anyone might want to actually pay money to watch or participate in such acts.

The Most Dangerous Game

In 1924, author Richard Connell published a short story titled “The Most Dangerous Game.”  In this story, a big game hunter becomes the ultimate prey after falling off of a yacht and landing on a remote island in the Caribbean, where he meets an aristocrat who has retreated to the island after becoming bored by normal hunting.  He now spends his days hunting shipwrecked sailors unfortunate enough to land on his island.  The aristocrat, General Zaroff, receives a great deal of pleasure hunting men.

The meme of the bored aristocrat who has run out of ways to entertain himself and therefore begins to seek more sinister forms of entertainment is nothing new.  One might argue that the Gladiator fights of ancient Rome were nothing more than giant snuff parties.  Popculture has revisited this theme repeatedly via books such as Battle Royale and most recently in the wildly popular Hunger Games series.  Popular films such as Hostel, House of 1000 Corpses and The Purge: Anarchy, along with many others have capitalized on the public’s fascination with such a sickening concept.

Some claim that elites in our society who participate in snuff parties actually refer to the gatherings as “The Most Dangerous Game,” borrowing from Connell’s 1924 story.  Countless stories have come out from people who claim to have been ritualistically victimized by elites who used “slaves” to entertain them via fights to the death, forcing one victim to murder the other, or by engaging in the age old concept of hunting humans.

While we might be tempted to suppose that such things are only hinted at in the minds of wacky conspiracy theorists, more than a few mainstream voices have discussed their beliefs about elite participation in murder as entertainment.  Eli Roth, director of the popular Hostel films which depict human hunting, has a dubious claim at the beginning of his film which states “Inspired by True Events.”  Roth claimed to have read about poverty stricken individuals in Thailand who would sell “members of their family to organized crime, then American and European businessmen would pay $10,000 to walk in a room and shoot them in the head.”  The first Hostel is largely billed as the first film in a new genre known as “torture porn.”  So-called because the audience is encouraged to be equal parts horrified and titillated by the realistic scenes of horror, human suffering, and gore.

In his 1994 book, former Neb. State Sen. John DeCamp relates the outrageous eye-witness accounts (alleged) of Paul Bonacci, who says he spent years as a mind controlled sex slave of the elite.  Bonacci tells a horrific tale of children being molested and then killed by powerful elites.  He goes on to claim that the ordeal was filmed by none other than notorious author Hunter S. Thompson.   There is literally not one shred of evidence that said event occurred outside of Bonacci’s testimony.  However, it may be worth noting that Bonacci did receive $800,000 in compensatory damages and an additional $200,000 in punitive damages as ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Warren Urbom, in the case against former Franklin S&L manager Lawrence E. King, who amongst many other charges was accused of running a child prostitution ring.

We can argue about the veracity of these sordid tales for ages, but I believe one thing is quite clear.  Human beings are capable of unimaginable cruelty to their fellow human beings.  Why?  Because of sin.  And while godless elites may revel in their carnal pursuit of pleasure through unspeakable acts of depravity, Christians have the power through the Holy Spirit to resist this type of sinful and Satanic behavior.  But, do we always?

As I mentioned a few paragraphs back, there is a relatively new genre of film knows as “torture porn.”  In our culture which is governed largely by the entertainment industry, some might be tempted to excuse the watching of such extreme films, saying, “It’s only a movie.”  But what exactly is happening when you watch a film which has a singular aim of making the torture of human beings look as realistic and painful as possible? What is happening to your mind and your heart? Are you any better than those who might participate in such acts in real life?  Are you not receiving excitement and enjoyment from witnessing suffering, albeit simulated rather than real?

1 John 3:15 says “Whosoever hates his brother is a murderer: and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.”  What we see in this passage is that the crimes we commit in our hearts and minds are taken as seriously by our Lord as if we had actually carried out a physical act.  Surely, to look upon simulated torture for enjoyment is tantamount to hating one’s fellow man, for how could we love someone if we desired to see them suffer?   For those of you who enjoy slasher films and the like, I ask you to pray about these things.

Meanwhile, this disturbing claim made by one who spent years in the rock and roll music industry that he himself had attended elite snuff parties, is enough for us to pause and take note of all of that which we consume for entertainment.  What sinister deeds are your dollars funding?  Again, let us prayerfully consider these issues, and finally… let us pray for all those who are suffering right now around the world as victims of human trafficking other other horrific forms of abuse.  May the Lord deliver them from their suffering.