Fireball Dreams: Impending Disaster in Our Subconscious?

I was in a car. As I sat there in park I was staring at the night sky. To may amazement, a brilliant fireball appeared above and it slowly streaked across the stars. I thought to myself that I was so lucky to witness such a thing. The fireball moved slowly, and didn’t disappear as they generally do. It just went on and on, leaving a sparking trail behind it.

Suddenly, I realized that the ball was close, and that is was going to hit ground somewhere nearby. As soon as the thought crossed my mind, the object streaked downward and disappeared beyond the horizon. At that moment, I heard a thunderous boom. I knew that it had violently made contact with the Earth.

My dream seemed to skip forward in time, and I found myself surrounded by others running around in a panic. People were dodging behind cars and buildings. Looking up at the sky, I could see objects hurtling toward us from space. Fire was everywhere on the ground. In a daze, I stared up at the sky whilst chaos was swirling around me, and I witnessed what appeared to be an actual planet that was gradually drawing toward me.  It got larger and larger and began to fill the whole sky.  As I gazed up in wonderment at a giant planet that was about to crash into earth, I woke up.

I couldn’t shake the dream upon awakening. I still haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. I wondered if there was some kind of message inside the dream.

best online paper writing serviceI took to Facebook, as we tend to do in this day and age when something moves us, and I briefly described the dream. Almost instantly I began to get responses from others that they’d had very similar dreams in recent weeks. Some specifically involved fireballs, while others shared the theme of disaster befalling the planet.

One friend told of a recent dream wherein she experienced loud thunder coming from a clear sky. In her dream she was also driving and happened upon a lake that was bubbling green and glowing. The water began to rise and was melting everything in its path.

I started doing some research online and discovered that there are currently entire forums dedicated to people having dreams of fireballs and other such disasters. Could it be that we’re all being given some sort of a message, or is it more likely that our media is so saturated with doom and gloom that we are merely responding to these suggestions in our subconscious?

Rick Wiles, host of our website (a radio show dedicated to current events in light of Biblical prophecy) aired a program on March 27 which featured guest T.D. Hale, a pastor who had recently experienced what he considers a prophetic dream of impending disaster in the United States. Pastor Hale shared his vision of an earth engulfed in various fires and calamity which ultimately lead to a fascist police state. In the same broadcast, Rick shared that members of his family had been given “prophetic warnings” via dreams. Rick even states that his daughter had a dream of fireballs falling from the sky.

To make things even more ominous, it seems that there may be an increase in fireball sightings during our waking hours. I reported recently about a dramatic fireball over Western Canada that was actually captured by several cameras. The resulting footage was both mesmerizing and terrifying.

Further, when I think of the planets I saw in the sky that appeared ready to collide with ours, I cannot help but think of the Planet X/Nibiru stories that we’ve been hearing in the past few years.

Lars Von Trier’s 2011 film open essay prompts ap lit tells the story of a planet about to collide with Earth. The above image from the film features a view of the incoming planet from the vantage point of Earth.

There’s no question our world is in turmoil. Everywhere we look its 2012 mania. Preppers and bunkers and prophets abound.The question is whether we’re really picking up on a cataclysm right around the corner or if we are being influenced by the current wave of apocalypse panic.

I’d like to open the floor to my readers. Have you been having strange dreams recently?