Film "Wake Up" is a Vision of Possibilities

Strange lights… mysterious shapes… Angels… Demons….

What if overnight, these things were suddenly all around you?  Not in a metaphorical  “I can sense them” sort of way.  You can physically see them.  They are before your eyes,  on the street, in your home… everywhere. seems a like normal albeit eccentric fella (in that cool, bohemian-art-scene-street-wise-city-slicker sort of way).   Then one day.. he woke up.

Suddenly aware that he could access what would appear to be an alternate dimension beyond what our 5 senses can perceive, Jonas reacted with a mix of trepidation and awe; not to mention confusion.  Thus began his journey to find some meaning to the magical and maddening occurrences that became part of his day to day life.

The documentary link follows Jonas as he criss-crosses the globe in search of these answers.   Elrod visits a host of experts on spirituality and metaphysics.  Preachers, Gurus, Sufis, Doctors, and New Age practitioners strive to explain what is happening to him,  while he struggles to understand how to incorporate this phenomena into his everyday life and relationships.

The film is as thought provoking as it is endearing.  The fascinating journey Jonas embarks upon is only part of the story.  His introspection is relatable, even if his experiences are not… to most of us.  His family is supportive, while struggling to find their own answers and comfort level with Elrod’s “gifts”.

doctoral awardsOf particular interest is the dynamic between Elrod and his girlfriend Mara.  Their interaction is charming and emotional, and their intense connection is evident, even through Mara’s quest to reconcile whether her beau’s experiences are a blessing or a curse.  And then there is the sweetness of his surprisingly accepting parents, given their staunch religious beliefs.

What I found most profound was not necessarily what Jonas sees… but how he feels.  One would assume that the sudden acquisition of such a gift would instantly transform the experiencer into a religious fanatic or a New Age devotee.  But his reaction is as complex as the visions he sees.  He’s confused.  He doesn’t know what to believe.  Even in the face of what many would consider a miracle, he remains skeptical; wavering between finding his abilities beautiful and feeling them to be a spiritual burden.  And I think this is the most honest reaction.

how much do viagra cost at walmartJonas Elrod with Umberto Di Grazia (during a “spirit photography” session in Italy)

At the end of the film, the decision is yours as to what Jonas is experiencing.  Is his a gift  spiritual enlightenment or something else?  He never really preaches about what is happening to him, as his search is ongoing.  But for many, the results of his quest will affirm that there is indeed more to this world than meets the eye.

Truly, the odyssey of this film is enchanting and stirring.  The world of possibilities suggested by the reality of Mr. Elrod’s “awakening” found me uplifted at the film’s conclusion; and eager to continue my own trek through the world of the unknown and the unseen.

Wake Up is available for purchase at the official website, and can be rented online by clicking HERE.

Starring: Jonas Elrod, Mara Evans, Abdi Assadi, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, JZ Knight, Roshi Joan Halifax, Stephan Schwartz, Gary Schwartz Ph.D, Roger Nelson Ph.D

Directed By: Jonas Elrod and Chloe Crespi

Produced By: Steve Hutensky