Extraordinary Year End Mega-Post

ativan seizure dose*Sing it with me!* Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind ?  Should auld da da da laaa la la, bladeedaaaah da Auld Lang Syne! (I’ve never been able to remember the words, nor have I ever been to a New Year’s celebration wherein this song is sung, but they do it in the movies so…. I tried.)

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Another year has come and gone, and we’re now staring that infamous number in the face… 2012! (Cue scary dooooooom music)  While we gird our loins for the year ahead, let us take some time to look back on the best moments of this site in 2011.  You got it….it’s another Extraordinary Intelligence retrospective!!   Now I’ll punch the secret code into the wayback machine *bleep bloop blip* and we’re off! If this were a sit-com, we’d now be fading out as the screen goes wavy….taking us to clips from episodes past.

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The first post of 2011 was one of outrage at the climate change propaganda being spewed by the mainstream media.  2011 was a year of extremes, and there’s no doubt that our environment is in some form of upheaval, but to use it as an excuse to threaten the populace with police state tactics is inexcusable.  Thus was the thrust of this post:

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Speaking of environmental weirdness, 2011 was a year of anomalous happenings on terra firma and in the cosmos.  Here’s a list of some of the more bizarre occurrences in the heavens and the earth.

Huge Sinkhole Opens Under Woman’s Bed

Second Dust Storm Sweeps Through Phoenix

Minot Flood 2011: Eyewitness Exclusive Photos

5.6 Earthquake Rattles Central Oklahoma

Asteroids and Space Junk: A Week of Close Calls in Space

Could This Deadly Weather Become Our New Normal?

Earthquake Rattles Washington D.C. – August 23, 2011 (Updated)

Breaking: Myanmar Quake Kills 70 People

Super Moon Saturday: Cause for Concern?

Japan’s Nuclear Nightmare: Assessing the Danger Worldwide

Timeline of Animal Die-Offs: Coincidence or Conspiracy?


In 2011, there seemed to be a severe lack of cool stories in the world of cryptozoology.  Someone claims to have evidence of bigfoot, turns out to be a hoax.   Someone who claims to have the carcass of chupacabra?   Turns out to be a dog.   So, I decided to stick to animals in the crypto world that stand a firm chance of being proven to exist.  One of my favorites is the Tasmanian Tiger.  Here’s my tribute:

Feared in Life, Loved in Death: Resurrecting the Tasmanian Tiger


Another topic of fascination for your intrepid blogger in 2011 was the entertainment industry.  This is an area that I’ll return to in greater detail in 2012.  To get yourself up to speed on events and entertainers discussed thus far, take a look at the links below:

Transhumanism and the Singularity: Elite Obsession with the Übermensch

Katy Perry’s E.T. ~ Sci-Fi Fantasy or Hidden Meaning?

Kanye West: Illuminati Agenda?

Awolnation – Sail: Cool Song, Strange Symbolism

2011 Video Music Awards: Puppets on Parade


One of the most viewed topics on Extraordinary Intelligence in 2011 was the failed rapture prediction of Harold Camping.   As believers waited with bated breath to be swept away, most recognized that Camping’s prophetic words were decidedly un-Biblical.  It would have been amusing if so many lives weren’t ruined waiting for the End.

May 21, 2011: Judgement Day? Open Discussion

Further Observations on Harold Camping and the May 21 Cult

Harold Camping Sets New Date For Rapture: Offers Only Feeble Apology


Speaking of wacky cults…..

What is Eckankar and Who is the Eckmaster?



In 2011, I opined about a lot of world events.  One of the items that most disturbed me was the announcement that Osama bin Laden had been killed.

Killing Osama: A Celebration of Confusion

Abbottabad Residents Skeptical About Osama Death


One of my less successful undertakings in 2011 was my foray into the realm of podcasting.  Lots of people listened, but I was less than impressed by the maiden voyage.  I’ll be revisiting this experiment in the coming weeks.

In fact, I’ve got a whole new set up, a co-host, and a slew of celebrity guests ready to blow your mind with Extraordinary podcasting goodness!

As they say, stay tuned!

Beyond Extraordinary Episode 1: June 25, 2011


The following stories don’t belong in any particular category, but they were subjects that moved me in one way or another.

Former Skinhead’s Extraordinary Transformation

Extraordinary Videos: Madness in the Fast Lane

Contagion: The Art of Using Fear to Inoculate the Public

Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Closer Look at Multiple Personalities

Highway of Tears: Vanishing Women in British Columbia


And finally, there was an epic personal transformation for Natalina in 2011.  Below is my testimony.

Ancient Prophetic Texts: Visions of the Future that Changed My World