Extraordinary Videos: The Fourth Kind – Abduction

Today’s video post features a documentary that is presented by George Knapp (Investigative Journalist/Frequent host of Coast to Coast Am) and Above Top Secret. The doc is called The Fourth Kind – Alien Abduction Stories. The full documentary can be found at the bottom of this post.

phentermine side effects long termBy now you’ve likely heard about the upcoming feature film that also goes by the title The Fourth Kind, and explores alien abduction. This title references the commonly used scale of UFO/Alien encounters.

The First Kind: Sighting

The Second Kind: Evidence

The Third Kind: Contact

The Fourth Kind: Abduction

The Third Kind was made famous by the film written and directed by Steven Spielberg, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And now we have The Fourth Kind. Here’s the trailer for what looks to be a gripping movie.


I now present the three part documentary. It is a very thorough examination of abduction.

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George Knapp brings us a detailed description of the alien abduction scenario, as described by tens of thousands of eyewitnesses/participants from all over the world. This report explains the parameters of this strange and disturbing aspect of the UFO mystery, the common characteristics as described by the people who say it happened to them, including missing time, conscious memories of encounters with unknown beings, and physical evidence on their bodies and in their homes. Also included is analysis and theories from the pre-eminent researchers in the field.

The Fourth Kind – Alien Abduction Stories (Parts 1-3)