Extraordinary Videos: The Brandon Corey Story

The Brandon Corey Story is a strange “documentary” that was released by Truthseeker.tv.  Although those involved in its production have all come forward to reveal that it is actually a “recreation” of real events, and not real footage, debate still rages online as to whether or not the film you are about to see is real.  How very Blair Witchy of them.

Now, I got appx. 3 minutes into this movie and began to wonder how anyone could believe it to be authentic. That said, I did find it to be entertaining.  As I stated, this is meant to be a fictional recreation of supposedly true events.  What are these true events? Well, it involves a shape-shifting Dick Cheney for starters.


It’s ok to admit that you’re jealous of Natalina’s mad Photoshoppin’ skillz.

The whole thing is based on the concept that there is a ruling elite in this world that are not of this world…that they are shape-shifting reptilian a-holes.  There is added intrigue within the movie as the “filmmaker” has gone missing…well, just watch it. You’ll see what I mean. As I said. Entertaining.