Extraordinary Videos: Paranormal Encounters

It’s getting to be that time of the year again.  Natalina’s personal favorite season.  The weather is getting cooler, the leaves begin to turn colors on the trees;  everything begins to change from those bright summer hues to the muted earth tones of autumn.  The chill in the air serves as a reminder that Halloween is just around the corner, and strange things are afoot.

Because I love this time of the year so much, I have a tendency to ramp up the spooookiness… and this year will be no different.  Prepare yourselves for some ghosties and goulies, things that go bump in the night, monsters that hide under your bed, or bravely appear in plain sight!  This is the time when specters roam openly, so grab your hot cocoa, and prepare for some scares…. if you dare!


I decided to kick off the season with some creepy videos of allegedly real ghosts/hauntings/demons/spirits caught on video.  It will be up to you to determine whether or not they are real.  Only the bravest of souls will watch with the lights off.  Of course no one would blame you if you end up sleeping with the lights on tonight… and one eye open… hoping not to see a mist roll into your room, or feel a cold spot touching your toes.  Listening carefully for the creaking of footsteps in the hall, or the faint whisper of a disembodied voice… calling your name.  *Evil Grin*

Psssst! Do you have a Paranormal Investigation group? Are you an amateur ghost hunter? Have some compelling evidence you’d like to share? Extraordinary Intelligence wants to hear from you! Please email me at extraordinaryintel@gmail.com with the name of your group and you just might be featured on the home page of E.I.! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Colombian Morgue Ghost
Paranormal investigators capture a ghostly figure walking in and out of the shadows in an abandoned Colombian Morgue.

Barmby Place Ghost
This home was reportedly built on an old cemetery.  Creeeeeepy spookiness ahead.  Real or not?  Let me know what you think.

Ghost in Closet
A shadowy figure appears inside a closet.

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Evil Doll!!!
Watch the doll behind the little girl.  Yikes!