Extraordinary Videos: Madness in the Fast Lane

**This post appears to have gone viral. I’ve edited the video below because the original was removed.  There is now a video of the full BBC broadcast at the bottom of this post that I HIGHLY recommend you watch. Also, please share your thoughts in the comments section.  I’d so love to hear what you think!**

This was first brought to my attention by israel dating customs.  He was discussing the following clips on his weekly radio show.  As I heard him describe the events you are about to see unfold, I figured he must be exaggerating.  Surely there must be some other explanation.

I was unprepared for exactly how weird things were going to get.  This is perhaps the most bizarre true story I’ve ever seen.  You will not believe your eyes.

Ursula and Sabina Eriksson are twin sisters.  Theirs is a disturbing story of destructive behavior, super human strength, unexplainable acts, and pure madness.  In 2008, BBC cameras captured the twins as they began to throw themselves into oncoming traffic on a busy highway.   As police attempted to bring the women to safety, the two continued to hurl themselves at cars and trucks, miraculously surviving.

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The footage of the bizarre incident became viral in the U.K., but what happened afterwards makes their story all the more chilling.

What would cause two women, completely sober, to simultaneously act in such a psychotic manner?   While officially they were determined to be temporarily insane, it cannot account for their amazing feats of strength or the unbelievable fact that they both survived being hit by vehicles that should have killed them.  Some speculate that these women were victims of MK Ultra style mind control, while others have suggested that there was something literally inhuman about the twins.

You have to see it to understand just how shocking this story is.  Please watch the full program below.  There are going to be so many theories, I’d love to have you all discuss what you think in the comments section.