Extraordinary Update: Downtime and Upgrades

For those of you loyal readers who check in with us here on Extraordinary Intelligence on a regular basis, you may have noticed some page load errors and downtime on the site.  I am very sorry for this and I assure you that we are all fixed up and ready to rock again!

Due to an increase in traffic and interest, http://www.flbenmsik.ma/ and http://www.omna.org/do-my-assignment-cheap/ (the FABULOUS network that we are proud to be affiliated with)  found it necessary to upgrade to a bigger and better server.  We are now capable of handling all of the load created by our fantastic readers and visitors without Internet fussiness.  Hooray!  We wanted to make sure that going forward the site wouldn’t go offline in the thick of any Breaking News that brings a significant traffic spike.  Because I love you.


And I have even better news! Extraordinary Intelligence is getting a facelift! Yes that’s right… we’re feeling a little saggy and baggy in certain areas, and it’s time for a little nip/tuck.  So get ready for an all new look coming VERY soon!

My goal is to make the home page much easier to navigate, adding in specific sections for individual categories.  The hope is that this will make it so much easier to hone in on the exact articles you want to read based on your interests.  Among these categories will be Paranormal, Conspiracy Theories, Cryptozoology, Spirituality, and many more.  These cats (meow) already exist on E.I., but now they’re gonna be a heck of a lot easier to find!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  I can’t wait for you to see all of the great changes that are coming to you very soon.  Keep checking back! And of course, now that we’re back up and running smoothly, you can expect to see more fresh content as of…. today, with new stuff coming to you daily.

Thank you so very very much for making EI so successful that these upgrades are even necessary.  There are growing pains along the way but each new step makes us bigger and better, and I’ve got SO many surprises on the horizon.

Do you have any suggestions for E.I. upgrades?  Things you’d like to see changed… anything at all? Drop me a line at extraordinaryintel@gmail.com.