Extraordinary Thursday Videos: Skinwalker Ranch


Raise your hand if you saw the dreadfully disappointing movie Skinwalkers. I was so pumped to see the movie because I’ve been an avid follower of the mystery of Skinwalker Ranch, located in northeastern Utah. At this ranch, strange sightings and happenings have been reported for over 50 years.  Sadly, the movie sucked the big one.

The real legend of the place is far more intriguing than the silly movie.  According to the Utes, a local Native American tribe,  an entity called the Skinwalker inhabits the land where the ranch is located.  They refer to it as the “path of the Skinwalker”.  According to their legend, a Skinwalker is an “evil sorcerer,” capable of shape-shifting and turning into various animals.  The people who own the ranch, known by the pseudonym the “Gormans” have told tales of UFOs, strange lights, poltergeist activity, bizarre creatures, and more paranormal weirdness than you can shake a stick at!


Many theories about what makes the Skinwalker Ranch such a hotbed of high strangeness have been passed around through the years.  Some say it is an interdimensional portal or vortex.  Some believe that the high amount of electromagnetic energy in the surrounding area causes hallucinations.  Then there are those who believe that the land is simply cursed.

The Utes have advised all people to avoid the land, but a few brave souls have ventured out to conduct some research.  Journalist George Knapp (who sometimes hosts Coast to Coast am)  and research scientist Colm Kelleher, are two such individuals, and they’ve written a book titled, Hunt for the Skinwalker.

Recently, Knapp and Kelleher spoke about their book and their experiences with Skinwalker Ranch on more.  The full interview is below.  Enjoy.  It is an incredible journey, and is audio only, so you can listen to it while you’re browsing or writing or…whatever it is that you do on the Internet.  You don’t have to tell me 😉

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