Extraordinary Thursday Videos: In Search Of…


I’ve always been strange.  It didn’t just happen over night.  When I was a little girl, I didn’t really like to play with dolls, I wasn’t much into dress-up or make-up.  While other children rushed home from school to watch cartoons, I cruised home as quickly as my short little legs would take me, so that I could plop down and tune in to my absolute favorite show, In Search Of…, narrated by Leonard Nimoy.


In Search Of… was a documentary series that explored all things weird and wonderful.  Ghosts and vampires, aliens and werewolves, reincarnation and the legend of Atlantis… Leonard Nimoy would rescue me from my dull Midwestern life and transport me into a mysterious and magical world where all of these things were possible.

I can even recite the opening line from every show verbatim.  It has never left me.

“This series presents information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producer’s purpose is to suggest some possible explanations, but not necessarily the only ones, to the mysteries we will examine.”

In the 1990’s, some network picked up the show and aired the re-runs everyday.  I loved it just as much then as I did when I was a little kid.  Some of the episodes that stick out in my mind are the one where they investigated whether or not plants react to human thought, the one where they tracked infamous war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele to his hiding place in Paraguay (I don’t even know how I understood that one as a kid, but I distinctly recall watching it), the mystery of Anastasia, there was a really creepy one about voodoo, and so many more!

I found a few episodes uploaded to You Tube and Google Video, so I thought I would share a little slice of my bizarre childhood with all of you.  Enjoy and Happy Thursday!

In Search Of… Easter Island Massacre Parts 1-3




In Search Of… Voodoo Parts 1-3




In Search Of… The Castle Of Secrets (Coral Castle)

This is my favorite.  I cannot believe I forgot to add the Coral Castle to my Legend Trip Itinerary! Well, it’s there now.