Drunk Religion: The Toronto Blessing

writing master's essayThis stuff just blows my mind.  Have you ever heard of the Toronto Blessing?

In 1994, the Toronto Airport Vineyard Christian Fellowship (now known as the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship)  held a revival where a strange phenomena occurred.  The pastor and the congregation began to act as though they were drunk, and it was considered a blessing and a miracle.

This type of charismatic evangelical experience became well known in fundamentalist circles, and reports of healings, transformations, and conversions have taken place during such incidents.

The Toronto Airport Church is now notorious for these types of religious manifestations, and has become the center of much debate and controversy.  The question in many religious circles is, Why would God’s Blessing come in the form of literal intoxication?  Is this mass hysteria?  Is the Pastor a Con Man?  These services end up like rowdy drunken parties…people laughing, shaking, slurring, screaming…it’s wild!  And the pastor, John Scotland, is the craziest of the bunch!

The Toronto Airport is just one of many churches that preaches intoxication in the Lord.

It has to be seen to be believed, so I’ll simply let the videos do the talking.