Extraordinary Thursday Videos: Classic Fantasy Trailers


For this week’s installment of Thursday vids, I’m doing something a little different.  Rather than education and information, today I’m just going to self indulgently share a few trailers from some of my favorite movies ever!  Not surprisingly, most of them are fantasy movies, and they’re some of the greats.  Plus, I love watching old movie trailers.  Enjoy! (Btw, I’m sure I’m forgetting some here..perhaps I’ll have to do a second post at some point.)

The Dark Crystal (1982)  Jim Henson and Frank Oz – Aka: Best fantasy movie ever made.  I know this movie by heart.  It’s breathtaking and beautiful. I highly recommend buying the Special Edition DVD to get loads of bonus features including some concept art and making-of featurettes.

Aughra: Now, ask what the Great Conjunction is, what’s the Great Conjunction?
Jen: What’s the Great Conjunction? You tell me!


Labyrinth (1986) Jim Henson and George Lucas –   This film is pure magic! Once again, I’ve seen it so many times I could recite it by memory.  Wonderful images.  They just don’t make movies like this anymore.

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great…You have no power over me!


The Last Unicorn (1982) Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass – My GOD!  Watching this trailer made me so nostalgic.  I’ll have to watch this movie again ASAP.  Whenever I hear Mia Farrow speak, I see the Unicorn.  It’s a fantastic book and a legendary movie.

There has never been a time without unicorns. We live forever! We are as old as the sky, old as the moon! We can be hunted, trapped; we can even be killed if we leave our forests, but we do not *vanish*. Am I truly the last?


Legend (1985) Ridley Scott – Legend is one of those movies that I watch at least once a year.  I never grow weary of this fantastical and glimmering tale.  There is no better Devil than Tim Curry.  He can never be topped.  The battle between goodness and evil is so beautifully captured here, and the Tangerine Dream soundtrack is so memorable.


The Black Cauldron (1985) Walt Disney – Sadly, I couldn’t find a classic trailer for this classic Disney film.  But I had to include it here because I think it is one of the most wonderful of all of the classic Disney films, and very often overlooked.  Based on the fantasy novel by Lloyd Alexander, this unusually dark Disney movie was not released on video for 13 years after it was released in theaters.  It is said that Disney studio went through some turmoil over whether or not the movie was too dark to be included among their “classics”.  I’m so thankful they changed their minds.

You did come for the Black Cauldron, didn’t you? Good. Then climb in! It will only cost you your life.


Wizards (1977) Ralph Bakshi – This is A.  The only film on my list NOT from the 1980’s and B.  The only film on my list that is NOT very family friendly.  Of course, I saw it as a kid, and loved it.  Not sure I entirely understood it, but watching it again as an adult brought a whole new level of appreciation.  Often picked apart by critics as being shoddily animated and bogged down in it’s own political message, I found it to be both entertaining and profound.

Fairy Child: Where’s Daddy? What’s he doing?
Fairy: He is guarding our home, son.
Fairy: There has been a war, and this land is lost.
Fairy Child: Why can’t we fight and win, Mommy?
Fairy: Because they have weapons and technology. We just have love.