Extraordinary Thursday Videos: Chemtrails

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Chemtrails….What are they?

We are all familiar with seeing the contrails in the sky left behind by planes and jets as they fly over.  But, sometimes, they seem to linger for much longer than usual, and even make strange patterns in the sky.  What are these whispy mists that mingle with the clouds?  Are they just more contrails, or are they something far more worrisome?

Some people believe that these lines and patterns in the sky are a phenomenon known as “chemtrails”.  The term chemtrail comes from the combining of the words “Chemical” and “Trails”.  It is theorized that chemtrails are composed of some kind of chemical or biological agents that are deliberately placed in the atmosphere, and are kept secret from the general public.

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Below, you will find several videos discussing the theorized existence of chemtrails, and how they may be effecting the health of every day citizens.  Watch all of the clips, and then let us know…are you convinced?

Danger In The Sky – The Chemtrail Phenomenon (Brief Sampling of Chemtrail Images and Reporting)


Chemtrails: on the trail of our assassins


Aerosol Crimes 1st Edition