Extraordinary Saturday Videos: Reptilians

free african american christian dating sitesGoodness gracious, me oh my oh golly gee!   Is it SATURDAY already?? Whoopsiedoodles!  Thursday came and went without so much as a reminder that I had some videos to post!  So it looks like we’re going to have some Saturday videos instead.  And luckily, my mad Photoshoppin’ skillz enabled me to cleverly adjust my normal Extraordinary Thursday Videos graphic, so that the casual observer would have no idea whatsoever that we normally do this on another day.  Bow down to meeeeee!

Since it is Slitherin’ Saturday, I thought we would explore the world of the Reptilian. What is a Reptilian? Well, I am not talking about the every day cold blooded reptiles that skitter about the desert or swim through swamps of the Everglades.  No sir.  These Reptilians are of a far more sinister variety.  Are they aliens? Inter-dimensional beings? Are they real? Are they secretly shape-shifting into human form in order to dominate our world and control our destiny?

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If you make a habit of trolling conspiracy web sites and forums, it won’t take long before you happen upon someone who believes in a Reptilian Agenda.  It is becoming a rather pervasive undercurrent among the anti-NWO crowd.  While many scoff at their beliefs that the ruling elite of this world are power hungry reptiles cloaked in human skins, this anti-reptilian movement seems to be growing.

Now, when one says REPTILIAN, those in the know will instantly think of David Icke.  Icke is the former British footballer turned Internationally known author/speaker.  He believes that there is a reality beyond our five senses.  That we live in a matrix (not unlike the movie The Matrix) designed by those who would oppress humanity. These oppressors are the ruling elite…The Royal Bloodlines; from the U.S. Government to the British Monarchy…and he believes that every last slimy one among them is a blood drinking, shape shifting, incestuous, evil Reptilian.  Not figuratively. Literally.  Here is his site:  facts about homework should be banned You have to dig through his archives a bit to find the reptilian stuff.  He doesn’t like to spring it on you right off the bat.

It is a topic of endless fascination and countless schools of thought.  It is interesting to note that there have been legends of bipedal reptilian beings found in almost all major cultures and religions.  Many who subscribe to the theory of a Reptilian race associate the beings with the Sumerian Anunnaki, an alien race perhaps from the planet Nibiru. But they are also known by other names.  In Greece, the Annodoti. In the Celtic lore, the Tuatha de Danaan.  In the Semetic scriptures (Torah, Talmud, Old Testament, and other Apocryphal texts like the Book of Enoch), they are called The Nephilim, The Sons of God, or The Watchers. More on that topic will be found within a few of these videos.

Let’s start first by deciding if Humanoid Reptlies would be evolutionarily possible.  BBC did a fascinating documentary called My Pet Dinosaur.  Below is a clip addressing the possibility of a Dinosauroid.  A creature that may have evolved from dinosaurs had they not gone extinct. The image portrayed in this clip of the humanoid dinosaur is unsettling! Completely mesmerizing concept. (But I already knew all of this because I saw the Super Mario Brothers movie.  Remember?? Dennis Hopper??? Or am I the only nerd who remembers it? Oh never mind.)


Next, we’ll move on to David Icke.  The first video is a brief intoduction to his Reptilian Theory.  The second is a full length documentary titled Confessions of a Mother Goddess.  I sat through this one years ago, and it is a trip!

David Icke Explains the celestial periodic cataclysm caused by Planet X Nibiru and the Aliens that genetically manipulated man.httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXKjo5hP_HA

Confessions of a Mother Goddess.  This documentary is over 2 hours long, but is so full of disturbing discussion that I literally could not stop watching it.  David Icke interviews Arizona Wilder, a woman who claims that she was the victim of CIA Mind Control, and that through her ordeal she discovered that those in power are all Reptilians. Further, they are murdering, blood thirsty, evil Reptilians.  It is so worth watching, just to hear her wild tale. As I said this is the full 2 hour+ doc, so click to enlarge, kick back, and don’t let your kids watch.  Very disturbing discussions ahead.

This one shows just how fervently some people believe in Reptilians.  A man named Yoshi  at a Town Hall meeting asks how the house health care reform bill (H.R. 3200) will affect the reptilian race.


Clip from a Discovery Channel Program, exploring the concept of an inter dimensional reptilian race.


The remaining vids are of an interview on Coast to Coast Am with Cryptohunter John Rhodes, who is an expert in Reptilians and Underground Bases.  Many of you have expressed that you enjoy it when I put up these audio only vids so that you can just listen to them whilst doing other things online.  What can I say, I’m a people pleaser.