Extraordinary Poetry: Rickster Leahy

April 2010 was National Poetry Month.  Well, those who know Natalina are well aware that she likes to be fashionably late… (read: procrastination).   However, as one who dabbles a bit in poetry and prose, I have a keen appreciation for a talented writer.  Further, I am overjoyed when I come upon a writer with the level of talent that I am about to share with you all.

click this lives is one of the most culturally inspiring locales we’re likely to find in the United States… New York City.  I was first introduced to his work through the Extraordinary Intelligence Myspace profile. (Btw, are you there yet? Why NOT?!?! doxycycline acne good).

levitra 20 mg film-coated tabletsRicksterrrrrr!

His poetry inspired me from the first moment I was exposed to it, and I’ve never tired of it.  He has a gift for word play that is at once whimsical, emotional, spiritual, evocative, dark, and thought provoking. As he and I have exchanged our poetry over the past year, I am continually humbled by his mastery of words.

I submit his work here for you, my dear readers, to enjoy. (There’s even a shout out to Natalina within… most flattering indeed.)


anarchistic devolutions demise
crying through splintered eyes
the broken crown lays in shredded isolation
recreation has become the languid lizard of the desert sun
basking in heat of unknown degrees
koalas eat the eucalyptus leaves unknowing
far away to the gravity shields procreative shine
galaxy in ruins and what is really mine?
spinning spinning voices insane
vomit life and looking back with horror of humanity
the true poet expresses the unexpressable
deepest emotions of pain and sorrow
Buddha is glowing like aliens already here
Area 51 is the place where it all seems
nothing is known except blue books and top secrets
democracy slides slow in decline
recession stabs like pokers in faith and hope
nothing to do nothing to say does it matter anyway
friendship is a deep word, fathoms below the sea
reality is a flux and people come and go
Jesus H Christ no longer I know
volcano explodes pouring lava eternal
into the slow descent into Atlantis
lost city lost souls rock n roll
equality for all? animal farms squall
sadness at violence solution in mans insanity defense
hope is but a pinpoint in the sky
constellations stray aside, revolving forever into never
humongous devils among us scarring souls
with no cares to feelings and emotion, fuck em
stand tall when the earth shakes and tries to devour
ones self by the hour, oh what is the answer?
a lingering cancer called realism and truth hurts
still the waterfall caresses and washes away the filth
outside in, inside out
stagedreams, daily silenced screams of what it all means
brainpower and psionic depravity
leaves me dry
while tornadoes fly into gear can you hear the real
meaning of poetry is drama and hurt catharsis
to heal and regenerate into bliss of the flipside
on this roller coaster I ride, no fear in heart
when I triumph and succeed the fakes will be there indeed
to mooch and praise in falsity maze
I know in the eyes, ones intent and steel vision
gamma ray in the conscious mind
never give up, me or you or anybody benign
fight hard and stick to your Uzi
life makes the maple syrup oozy like trees in bloom
rebirth Spring Vernal Equinox
last chance to make it happen, one shot all I got
while leaves chlorophyll and green call me thru the dark night
coming summer and sweat
beast of twilight is hope for rest
dawn is near like an ice cream cone dripping
delicious enticing and wanton lustful
magma crust, rocket thrust
friend of mine Natalina hear me sing
of my life and times
deep from my queasy stomach of understanding
and experiences devastating
I say forge on till the sun consumes the horizon
and the good times return
as the fire slowly burns
until the embers spell continual glow
I know..

Rickster Leahy

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