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Disclosure/Contact Imminent?

More hints

Seems the world has UFO mania these days.  Especially in recent months, a series of unusual happenings  have led some to believe that a major announcement or event is on the not too distant horizon.  I’ve already mentioned two of the most recent bits of breaking news here on E.I.  The first was the announcement that TOMORROW a group of retired Air Force officers will be holding a press conference to disclose their evidence and stories of UFOs and U.S. nuclear sites.  That article can be found here:


Just breaking today, we have the announcement that the United Nations will be appointing an official Ambassador for First Contact if/when it happens.  That article can be read here:

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Other events that have raised the eyebrows of those paying attention are the strange blue spiral that appeared over Norway which was officially sort of explained as a misfired Russian rocket, while others believe it may have had more to do with H.A.A.R.P. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research).  It is speculated by some that this may have even been an event to test our reaction to a mass sighting of something unexplained in the sky.  Similar spirals have been seen over China and Russia.

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Television has been hinting at an increased interest in alien encounters. First there’s the dissertation peut on se connaitre soi meme introduction, which features a cruel E.I. presence that hides behind a benevolent face.  Then we have the peculiar event of… well… “The Event”.  The new NBC series that appears to be hinting at some sort of disclosure of the UFO variety.  In the first episode, we see a series of connected story lines that eventually culminate in a plane that was moments away from crashing into a party where the U.S. President was in attendance, being intercepted by some sort of light in the sky.  Is this another way to ease the concept of First Contact into our collective Psyche?  I guess we’ll see.  Read more about the theory here:  Is ‘The Event’ Actually A Disclosure?

More Extraordinary Headlines


From AOL News: Jesus on the line.   A bundle of vines on a telephone pole resemble a crucified Christ figure.  (Read more…)

From Medjugorje.orgMessages from Mary in Medjugorje.  Since 1981, the Blessed Virgin has been appearing to six people in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina.  I was fascinated to see that her most recent message was just yesterday.  Why is this relevant news?  IDK. I think it just amused me that the Virgin actually ended yesterday’s message with, “Thank you for having responded to my call.”  I can just imagine this nasally operator voice…. oh never mind.  (Read more…)

From AOL News: Satan Sighting!  Every week it seems we have a new list of Jesus/Mary sightings and visitations.  Here’s one for the Heathens!  Satan has made an appearance to a man in Hungary.  Predictably, the Devil decided to manifest in the can.  (Read more…)

From TIMEZucchini 1/ Bear 0.  A woman in Montana successfully defended herself from a 200 lb Black bear by wielding a zucchini and bopping him in the face.  The bear is still at large.  (Read more…)

From News.com.auDidn’t your momma warn you to stay away from stinky whale carcasses!?!? A beached whale has been drawing crowds in Australia.  As it decomposes on the beach, officials are warning people not to get too close.  But people are dumb and whales are cool.  The size of the creature, which is apparently a JUVENILE, is incredible.  Must see the picture.  (Read more…)

From the York Press Woman captures image of strange creature.  To me it kinda looks like the Mothman (the image was apparently taken near a plane crash site) or a hummingbird.  Interestingly, the person who wrote the article speculates that it could be a “naked space ranger”.  There’s that option, too.  (Read more…)

From Mail OnlineUnicorn captured in Laos, then killed.  File this one under… PEOPLE SUCK!  One of the rarest animals in the world, often referred to as the “Asian Unicorn”, was spotted for the first time in over a decade.  It was captured by villagers, and then it died. This creature has NEVER been observed in the wild, and was most recently viewed in 1999 on a wildlife camera. There are only thought to be a few hundred of them living outside of captivity.  (Read more…)

From TampaBay.comGolf Ball Collector Molested by Alligator.  An amorous alligator crawled onto the back of a man diving for golf balls in a pond, and tried to have his way with him.  No report as to whether or not a second date is planned.  (Read more…)

From the TelegraphBody of Sailor discovered in the belly of Jaws.   A tiger shark caught near Jaws Beach where the film “Jaws: The Revenge” was filmed, had a sailor’s leg hanging out of his mouth.  Later other body parts were discovered inside the shark.  The body was identified as that of a sailor who’d gone missing in August.  Yikes.  (Read more…)

From the TelegraphPolar Bear… Cow… What’s the diff?  ITV reported recently an amazing discovery that a Polar Bear had washed ashore on a beach in Cornwall, England.. thousands of miles where one would normally expect to see a polar bear.  Turns out they were close but… it was actually a cow.  (Read more…)

From Mail OnlineVatican wants to Baptize E.T.  The Pope’s astronomer revealed that he would love the opportunity to baptize an alien.  This strange statement overshadowed what I consider to be a greater revelation, which is that this holy man believes Creationism is hooey.  (Read more…)

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