Extraordinary News of the Week (October 1-13)

This week in Extraordinary News!

Yeaaahhh, I know. I know. The news has been neglected y’all. My bad. But I’m back on track now! And as for the major stories that you’ve likely been reading everywhere else… I’m gonna skip them. I like my news to be like my undies… FRESH! *groan*

Hypno Kitty…closet corpse…sorry blasphemers!…something in the Ayr…robomonkey…crying Mary…junkfood violence…dyed donkeys…glowing shrooms…frozen head fiasco


This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

Gary McKinnon Extradition Appeal Fails

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The UK man who notoriously hacked into the  U.S. Government computer database has been once again denied in his appeal to avoid extradition to the United States to stand trial for his alleged crimes.  Gary McKinnon claims that he was searching for evidence of alien life when he delved into top secret U.S. files, however officials claim that he left messages criticizing U.S. foreign policy, which made his presence inside the database all the more threatening (in their opinion).

One of the biggest arguments in favor of allowing Gary to remain in Britain to plea to lesser charges is that he is autistic, and not entirely responsible for the “havoc” caused by his actions.  Other sources site him as having Asperger’s Syndrome.

All of that said, Gary has some pretty fascinating claims regarding information that he supposedly uncovered.  He says that he found evidence of UFOs, anti-gravity technology, and the suppression of “Free Energy”.  If all of this is true… is it little wonder that the U.S. wants to get their hands on the guy? Read more here:  our website

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More Extraordinary Headlines

black cat moon copy Extraordinary News of the Week (March 30 April 5)

From BBC: This kitty says you’re getting veeerrrry sleeeepy. Apparently, in the UK, the regulations for getting your hypnotherapy license are so simple, even a cat can do it. Either that…or we’ve got one seriously dangerous kitty on our hands! (Read more…)

From MSNBCCan’t a dude nap in a closet with a corpse anymore? A sleepy fella in Houston was discovered snoozing in a closet of an abandoned property. Fortunately he wasn’t lonely. He had a dead guy with him. (Read more…)

From the TelegraphI missed International Blasphemy Day, God Damn it! Yes, it was September 30th. So does that mean I have to wait a WHOLE year to have an outlet for me pent up blaspheming??? (Read more…)

From Ayradvertiser.comStrange lights in the Ayr. A mysterious set of 15 lights was captured on film over the Ayr seafront. Video below. (Read more…)

From PopSci.com: Cyborg Monkeys with Mind Bullets! First they learn to move a robot arm with only their brains and a little banana encouragement. Next…THE WORLD!! (Read more…)

From Independent.ieWeeping Mary. The world’s most famous virgin is apparently shedding tears via statue in a grotto. Also spotted, floating crosses in the sky. (Read more…)

From Time: If this were true, you’d be dead. Apparently scientists have found evidence that candy eating kids turn into violent adults. I think that’s crap so get out of my face punk! (Read more…)

From Reuters: Donkey dye job/Makeshift zebras. Zookeepers in Gaza painted striped on donkeys to make them appear as zebras. Looking more like mules on a chain gang…I guess it’s the thought that counts. (Read more…)

From WIREDWhoa, dude…these mushrooms are like…cosmic. Scientist have discovered 7 new types of glow in the dark mushrooms, eliminating your need for black light entertainment. (Read more…)

From FoxNews: Someone is messing with Ted Williams’ head…literally.  A new book exposing the dark underbelly of the world of cryonics, claims that the frozen body of baseball legend Ted Williams was mistreated while in storage. One allegation, a wrench was slammed against his head to remove a tuna can that was stuck to it.  Wait. The tuna can was stuck to the wrench or Ted’s head? Weird. (Read more…)