Extraordinary News of the Week (May 4-10)

This week in Extraordinary News!

Talking Bigfoot…”Mad Pride”…Mummified Puppies…Magic Boars…Ghostly Photos…Black Budget…Terrifying Australian Spiders…New Vampire Report…Divine Salami…More Spiders

This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

http://killarneyraces.ie/essay-best/PHOTOGRAPHY BY NASA / JPL / BARCROFT MEDIA.

‘Alien skull’ spotted on Mars

The panoramic NASA camera known as Spirit has snapped the above picture, which has many UFO buffs claiming that an alien skull has been captured on film!  Apparently, what at first appears to be a rocky landscape, actually reveals a mysterious object that looks like it has two eye sockets and a nasal cavity.

With this photo, chat rooms are lighting up with talk of the possibility of photographic evidence of Martian life.   According to the http://sport-hansa.com/, one alien-spotter speculated:  “The skull is 15 cm with binocular eyes 5 cm apart. The cranial capacity is approximately 1400 cc.  There appears to be a narrow pointed small mouth, so this creature most likely is a carnivore.”  Read more of this story here:  http://oysi.org.ph/

More Extraordinary Headlines

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From Newsweek: Mentally ill patients don’t want to be normal. In what appears to be a growing trend, patients suffering from a variety of mental illnesses are forgoing their medication, and standing up for what some call “mad pride”.  (Find Out More)

From MSNBCMummified puppy found in Egyptian Tomb. Lying at the feet of an ancient Egyptian mummy was a small bundle.  A CT Scan revealed that inside was a terrier puppy.  (Read more…)

From New Scientist:  Could there be flowers on Europa? Scientist believes that it is possible that flowers, similar to those that grow in the Earth’s Arctic regions, could be found on Jupiter’s moon Europa, as well as other icy moons and comets.  (Read more…)

From BBC: New Investigation of Rome’s Catacombs. A three-year project has been launched to create the first fully comprehensive three-dimensional image of Rome’s catacombs using laser scanners. .  (Read more…)

From STV NewsMagic Boars draw huge crowds. Swine flu be damned!  These Malaysian boars are believed by some Hindus to possess magic powers.  Thousands flock to seek their blessings.  (Read more…)

From Daily Mail: New Zealand photo contest reveals ghostly images. Some pretty interesting photographs were featured in a New Zealand photo competition.  Are they evidence of paranormal activity or a trick of the eye? (Read more…)

From Space.comStar Trek style Warp Drive may be possible. Some physicists say that warp drive like that seen in Star Trek films could one day become reality.  (Read more…)

From WIREDPentagon Black Budget tops $50 million. The Pentagon wants to spend just over $50 billion on classified programs next year, newly-released Defense Department budget documents reveal.  (Read more…)

From Timesunion.comDiner finds slithery surprise. An unlucky man finds a severed snake’s head under a piece of broccoli.  (Read more…)

From Gralien Report: Proto Language reveals evidence of Bigfoot? Can research into reports of rudimentary language among Sasquatch during reported encounters reveal proof of their existence?  (Read more…)

From io9.comPhysicists claim to disprove Vampires ever could have existed. A couple of scientists who apparently had a bit of extra time on their hands have published a paper claiming that if vampires ever existed, they would have consumed the entire population of the world long ago.  (Read more…)

From WSBTV.comDivine message in slices of salami. A woman in Florida claims God left his calling card on her slices of fried salami.  Naturally.  (Read more…)

From Times Online:  File under…Reasons why Natalina is rethinking any future trips to Australia…Giant Spiders Invade Australian Town. Holy Bejeeepers!  If you are afraid of creepy crawly awful spiders, than do NOT click the upcoming link.  Fair warning.  Apparently Australians are used to seeing great big spiders skittering around (A fact my Aussie friends have conveniently neglected to tell me!).  But residents of Queensland have been shocked by a recent infestation of venomous bird eating spiders..Eeeeeww!  (Read more…)

From The Register: And in more terrifying spider news… I am going to have nightmares for sure!  Apparently, Global Warming could result in “Hum-vee sized, bullet proof, meat eating spiders” by 2060!!  (Read more if you dare…)