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Cheesy Jesus…Weather Balloon UFO…Tasty Cavemen…Post-Rapture Pony Express…Raspberry Ants…Spidercat…Vampire tales…”Wolf Man” Woes…The Hum…Presidential alien encounters…barbershop bones…cannibal orangutans


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Can “Terminators” Actually be our Salvation?

With the blockbuster Terminator franchise, we see a world where humanity is threatened by an army of robots.   But, is it possible that someday, a version of this futuristic fantasy tale could become reality?  Philosopher Peter Asaro tackles this question in an interview with http://www.christiansonline.com.au/.   Some of his thoughts are that “…while it would surely be better if no soldiers were killed, having the technological ability to fight a war without casualties would certainly make it easier to wage unjust and imperial wars” and “Robots might be better at distinguishing civilians from combatants; or at choosing targets with lower risk of collateral damage, or understanding the implications of their actions. Or they might even be programmed with cultural or linguistic knowledge that is impractical to train every human soldier to understand.”  This fascinating interview can be read in it’s entirety here:  Bonuses

More Extraordinary Headlines



From CBS11: Christ on a Cracker! Actually, more like Jesus in a Cheeto.  Once again, the Lord has made his existence known to the devout, this time in the form of of a cheese snack, henceforth to be known as “Cheesus”.  (http://gospelminds.com/)

From Live Science: False UFO alarm in Arizona. The innocent weather balloon strikes fear into the hearts of men once again.  After a flurry of reports about strange objects in the sky over AZ, the Arizona Republic reported that a 4,000-pound research balloon was lofted by NASA, causing the commotion. (Read more…)

From Daily MailNeanderthals disappeared because they tasted delicious! Scientists have always been baffled about what caused the Neanderthal to die out.  The mystery may have been solved.  It seems that we humans may have eaten them.  (Read more…)

From Orlando SentinelMan will send you a postcard after the Rapture.  Joshua Witter, an atheist, has made a bargain with believers in the Rapture, that he will send messages to the left behind non-believers on behalf of those who were swept up into Heaven.  There’s that entrepreneurial spirit we’ve been looking for in these dark economic times! (Read more…)

From Kens5.comRasberry ants invade San Antonio. In an effort to show up the Australians and their bird eating spider invasion, the residents of San Antonio have upped the ante (I’m so punny!) with the infiltration of destructive Raspberry ants that reproduce faster than any insect experts have ever seen.  (Read more…)

From AnanovaSpidercat…Spidercat…Friendly neighborhood Spidercat! Charlie the cat has learned to scale the walls of his master’s home.  (Read more…)

From Current:   Real vampire stories, from the source. A few filmmakers visited Transylvania and talked to the locals about vampire myths.  And I would like to take this opportunity to plug my own story about the topic: Vlad the Hungarian? (Read more and watch the video…)

From New Scientist DNA to blame for “Wolf Man” condition. Apparently a man from China whose body is 96% covered with hair suffers from a DNA disorder called congenital generalized hypertrichosis terminalis.  That’s what I was thinking, too.  (Read more…)

From BBC NewsPlagued by “the hum”. People all over the world have been suffering from an annoying humming noise from an unknown source.  Speculation as to the cause ranges from gas pipes, power lines, mobile phone masts, wind farms, nuclear waste,  low-frequency submarine communications..to secret military activity and alien contact.  (Read more…)

From Examiner.comKennedy met with aliens? George Adamski claims that President John Kennedy may have had a few dealings with E.T. during his time in the White House.  (Read more…)

From DiscoveryonAncient bones found in Barbershop basement. The bones of 3 prehistoric Native Americans have been located in the basement of a barbershop.  Delaware County Coroner Jim Clevenger was informed of the discovery while getting his hair cut!  (Read more…)

From bbc.co.uk: Orangutan mothers eat their own babies. Two Orangutans have been spotted eating the corpses of their recently deceased infants.  Before passing judgment, don’t forget…we ate Neanderthals.  (Read more…)