Extraordinary News of the Week (March 30-April 5)

Each week we delve into the top headlines that may not have made it to the front page, but are no less noteworthy.  Keep reading after the featured story, for a list of even more Extraordinary news of the week.

This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

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Victorian Ghost Planted by Google

This eerie image was captured by Google Street View in England.  Cardiff Bay, to be exact.  It started a wave of speculation online as to whether or not the woman dressed in Victorian garb was in fact a ghost caught on camera.

Well, speculate no more, as Internet giant Google has fessed up to planting the Disney Character Mary Poppins in this photo, as well as a variety of other characters throughout London.  Paddington Bear can be spotted on London’s Portobello Road,  and Sherlock Holmes has been caught in Oxford.

Google’s Laura Scott said,  “We dressed up a real person in a Mary Poppins costume and she was photographed by the car as it went past.  We’re always looking for fun stuff to include in our products – and well done for spotting her.”

You can read more about the Google Ghost Hoax at do an essay for me.

More Extraordinary Headlines

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From The Pueblo Chieftain: More Cattle Mutilations Discovered. Two ranchers have found cow carcasses that were mutilated under mysterious circumstances.  One had its udders cut off, while the other had the entire center of its body removed.  (tamil essays in tamil language)

From Physorg.com: New Theory for Mass Extinction. The largest mass extinction in history could have been brought about by gasses released from giant salt lakes. (alprazolam 25mg side effects)

From Stv.comPriest uses Lemon Cola in Baptism. A priest in Norway substituted lemon flavored cola for Holy Water in a baptism, after water was frozen in plumbing. (read more…)

From EADT24.co.uk:   Bear Spotted in Rendlesham Forest. Although bears are not native to Britain, a number of eye witnesses claim to have seen at least on bear roaming wild in Rendlesham Forest, located in the Suffolk countryside.  Rendlesham is also the site of a well known UFO incident.  (read more…)

From Newsdaily.comSummers in 2060 could be deadly for Sydney. Global Warming, pollution, and an increase in forest fires could cause Sydney, Australia to become a health hazard by 2060.  (read more…)

From Dispatch Online: Witches “resurrect” dead taxi driver. Man who was allegedly shot and buried in 2001, resurfaces in local village.  He claims to have been abducted by witches who made him drink blood, but then was allowed to escape after they said he was too powerful to be forced to do evil things.  (read more…)

From Newsweek.com: The Great UFO Hoax of 2009. Two 20-somethings launch a UFO sighting hoax that fools witnesses, media, and experts. (read more…)

From The Spokesman Review: Message in a bottle received after 96 years. A fellow in Spokane found an antique bottle with a message inside dated from 1913.  (read more…)