Extraordinary News of the Week (March 16-22)

Each week we delve into the top headlines that may not have made it to the front page, but are no less noteworthy.  Keep reading after the featured story, for a list of even more Extraordinary news of the week.

This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story


buying viagra online without prescriptionScholar Claims Dead Sea Scrolls Authors Never Existed.

An interesting article was released by Time magazine about a man who has rocked the foundations of the scholarly world.

Scholars of the ancient text had long thought that the Dead Sea Scrolls  were the work of the Essenes.   A prominent Israeli scholar, Rachel Elior, has now rattled the world of Biblical study by claiming that not only did the Essenes not write the Scrolls.  He claims that their very existence was fabricated.

Elior, who teaches Jewish mysticism at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, claims that this mysterious sect was a work of fiction concocted by A.D. Jewish-Roman historian Flavius Josephus.  Over time, his writing were taken to be fact.  He says that Josephus had a reason to tell this tall tale.  Apparently it was all part of a plot to cast the Jewish people of the time in a good light.

As evidence to back his claims, Elior highlights the fact that in over 900 pages of documentation, the Essenes never mention themselves.  Further, he adds that if this chaste group of Jewish people really did number in the thousands as claimed, there would be more mention of them in other texts.  And, the very nature of the fact that they were to have forsaken sex, is against the Jewish teaching of  “Go forth and multiply”.

While other experts in the field have jumped on this story, providing their own evidence to counter that of Elior, he stands by his claim.  Read more of this fascinating story here:  Additional Info

More Extraordinary Headlines


xanax dependency Orlando Irish Frogs survived the Ice Age! Apparently those Irish frogs are tough.  There is only one type of frog in Ireland, and researchers say that they toughed out the Ice Age, while other animals died out.

From Cincinnati.com: Six Year Old has IQ higher than Einstein! Einstein had an IQ of 160.  Six year old Pranav Veera has an IQ of 176!

From Space.com: Bat hung on for a ride into space.  An incredible brave little bat was spotted clinging to the Space Shuttle Discovery during this week’s launch.  NASA had hoped that the critter would fly away before take off, but pictures show him hanging on for dear life thoughout the ride.

From Newscience.com: Fossil of the “Ultimate Predator” discovered. The remains of a gigantic creature dubbed “Predator X” have been discovered in the Norwegian Arctic.  The beast had a head twice the size of that of a T-Rex.  You must click on this link to see the terrifying artists rendering of the monster.

From LAtimes.com: Pentagon plans a blimp to spy from new heights. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, the Pentagon released that they are pouring billions into developing a dirigible that will float 65,000 feet above the Earth for 10 years, providing  radar surveillance of the vehicles, planes and even people below.

From news.bbc.co.uk: Pink elephant caught on camera. As if that pink dolphin from a few weeks ago wasn’t cute enough, photographers have caught on camera a baby pink elephant in Botswana.  Pink elephants are extremely rare, and thought to be albino.  Scientists are unsure as to the likelyhood of survival given the blazing African sun and the sensitivity of albino skin and eyes.

From UFOexaminer.com: UFOs seen over three States. Three low flying UFOs were spotted over Indiana, California and Vermont on March 19 – and a fire ball-looking image showed up on a young woman’s Utah mountain photography.