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This Week’s Sad Top Story

John Keel Dies at age 79

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In a bit of sad breaking news, I just learned that author and groundbreaking paranormal researcher John Keel has passed away.  Keel was best known for his best selling book and the subsequent motion picture The Mothman Prophesies.  Cryptozoology and UFO researchers and enthusiasts will remember Keel as a fascinating figure who theorized about UFO origins and wrote countless books and articles on the topic.  He was the man who first drew wide interest in the concept of “Men in Black” in his 1967 Saga article, “UFO Agents of Terror.”

On a personal note, I recall first hearing the name John Keel when reading “The Mothman Prophesies”.  The book is very different than the film.  While Keel spent a good portion of the book recounting the strange visitations of the “Mothman” in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, he also delves deeply into theories about what the Mothman’s origins may be, and detailed his personal experiences researching the events surrounding the mysterious creature.  I recall being completely wrapped up in his tale, and wanting to learn more.  Thankfully, Keel’s research into Fortean mysteries are abundant, and he quickly became one of my favorite figures in the world of the Unknown.

Please watch the video below of John Keel discussing the Mothman, and then read the following detailed articles about the life and adventures of this amazing man, who will be missed: http://omcwellness.com/phentermine-cheap-discount/


John Keel discusses Mothman in 1999 Conference





More Extraordinary Headlines

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From Science DailyThe werewolf demise..Damn you Darwin! Professor Brian Regal theorizes that human belief in the werewolf was diminished by Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, and diverted our attention to the idea of ape men like Sasquatch and Yeti.  (Read more…)

From Macedonian International News AgencyMile wide UFO spotted by British pilots. Both crew and passengers on board a flight spotted a “a cigar-shaped brilliant white light” that they calculate to have been up to a mile wide, becoming one of the largest UFO’s ever reported. (Read more…)

From the UFO ChroniclesBuzz can’t keep his UFO stories straight. Astronaut Buzz Aldrin confirms UFO sighting on Apollo 11, then retracts it.  (Read more…)

File under….Owie! From The Telegraph:   Man circumcises self with finger nail clipper. This headline says exactly what happened, I need not elaborate.  In the most “NO DUH!” quote from the article, ‘This is something we would advise men never to attempt,” a medic said. (Read more…)

From New Scientist: The curious case of the shrinking sheep. Scientists say that sheep on a small island off the coast of Scotland have been shrinking over the last two decades as a result of climate change.  (Read more…)

From BBCNew Australian Dinosaurs. Fossils unearthed in Queensland prompt Australian paleontologists to proclaim the discovery of three new dinosaur species.  My favorite part of this story is that the new species have been named after the song “Waltzing Matilda”. Australovenator wintonensis is nicknamed “Banjo”, Witonotitan wattsi is “Clancy”, and Diamantinasaurus matildae is “Matilda”. (Read more…)

From Stuff.co.nz: The ghost cat of Taranaki. Donna and Ross Sowerby believe that they have spotted the apparition of a cat in their driveway, and have video evidence to back it up.  (Read more and watch the vid…)

From Ionia Sentinel StandardCouple digging a pond in their yard make a BIG discovery. Rich and Annette Schneider just wanted a nice water feature in their yard.  But what they unearthed was a pile of mastodon bones! (Read more…)

From Live ScienceCockroaches getting fatter. You know how people always say that the only animals to survive a nuclear war would be the cockroach?  Well, it appears that the little buggers aren’t quite so invincible.  Just like human, the nasty little pests get fatter when they eat bad food.  So, perhaps instead of Raid, we should be feeding them McNuggets, and keep our fingers crossed that they drop dead of heart disease! (Read more…)

From Reuters: This game show will make a believer out of you! A Turkish TV station has created a game show with the aim of converting atheists. The prize for converts will be a pilgrimage to a holy site of their chosen religion.  I’m not kidding. (Read more…)