Extraordinary News of the Week (June 22-29)

This week in Extraordinary News!

Kitchen fishin’…wallaby junkies…face down burials…miracle cat…froggy nuptials…Kansas City UFO invasion…the case of the water bandit…sleepwalking surprise…Tunguska revelations…French Fried Flu Scare


This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

Yacht Company Offers Pirate Hunting Cruises


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No matter how many times I hear about the real danger of pirates on today’s oceans, I still cannot stifle that juvenile voice in my head that says, “Yarrrr!”  Am I the only one?

In one of the craziest headlines of the week, it has been revealed that a Russian Luxury Yacht company will be offering guests an opportunity to experience a real pirate encounter on the high seas.  Apparently, the yacht will sail in dangerously pirate prone areas in an effort to lure in an attack.  According to the article, passengers pay about $5,000 to patrol and can pay an extra $7.50 a day to receive an AK-47 machine gun for protection and about $10 for 100 rounds of ammo.  Scary!  Read the rest of the article here:  wikipedia reference

More Extraordinary Headlines

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From AnanovaMan destroys kitchen floor to catch some fish. A Chinese fella paid a bunch of folks to build a giant hole with a tunnel through his kitchen floor in an effort to reach an underground river that he believes is teaming with fish.  If he’s married, I hope he’s prepared to cook all of those fish by himself.  (looking for dating site for free)

From Themercury.com.auTasmanian Wallabies on Opium Responsible for Crop Circles. First I want to say that this is the best headline I’ve ever written!  So here’s the story.  Apparently, these cute little critters hop into vast opium fields, get super high from eating the heads of poppies, and then start running around in circles creating these crop formations which have been the focus of local legend! The mystery was solved when a couple of the strung out little buggers finally were caught.  This story excited me even more than if it had been extra-terrestrials!  (Discover More Here)

From Science DailyNight Owls think differently than Early Birds. Neuroscientists have discovered that people who are prone to rock all night are simply wired differently than those who party during the day.  In other words, if you tend to be more alert and active at night, it is likely not due caffeine or poor sleep cycles, but it may just be in your chemistry!  (Read more…)

From National Geographic If you get buried face down…you just got served! Researchers have uncovered evidence that says in ancient times, being buried face down was a way to humiliate the dead.  (Read more…)

From BBC: Cat takes a crossbow bolt to the chest and lives to me-ow the tale.  People are so mean.  Apparently this little feline was the  victim of an attack with a crossbow.  Luckily, he had all 9 lives on reserve and the bolt missed all major organs.  Here’s hoping they catch the jerks who did this.  (Read more…)

From UFO ExaminerKansas City the new hotbed for UFO activity? There has been a major increase in reports of UFO sightings in Kansas City.  MUFON has been reporting an average of 1 call or email every day during the month of June, about mysterious objects in the sky over Kansas City.  (Read more…)

From Newkerala.comI now pronounce you Frog and Frog. Two frogs have been united in holy matrimony in an apparent effort to bring some rain to the region of Nagpur City.  My worry? Haven’t they heard about the tadpole rain phenomenon in Japan that I reported on last week?  I don’t think I’d tempt fate.  (Read more…)

From The Morning CallMan’s pond goes missing while he’s away. George went out to walk his dog.  Before he left, he had a 2500 gallon pond in his yard.  When he returned 30 minutes later, every drop of the water was gone.  When questioned about the mysterious water disappearance, George said, “I don’t get it.”  That’s my reaction as well.  (Read more…)

From BBC.co.uk: American Prairie Dog spotted in England. Americans are such jerks.  We steal exotic creatures like the kangaroo from the Aussies (The Elusive American Kangaroo?), and then we send one of our most boring little critters over to England.  Which would you rather see?  Actually, prairie dogs are really cute, and very abundant in my region.  Wait a minute!  Give him back!!! (Read more…)

From the Kansas City StarMan’s girlfriend gives him a cruel awakening.  A 24 year old fella was sleepwalking (or drunk, the jury is still out) and decided that the closet was an appropriate place to urinate.  His girlfriend woke him up…by stabbing him.   His injuries were not life threatening. (Read more…)

From Science DailyTunguska explained. Astronauts have discovered evidence proving that the Tunguska explosion was caused by a comet.  Which totally takes the wind out of this guy’s sails:  Extraordinary News of the Week (May 26-June 1) scroll down to the story titled Russian scientist has theory about Tunguska Meteor Site. (Read more…)

From ExaminerRussians say Swine flu is from French Fries: This story is so weird, I’m just going to quote the source:  “Scientists from Russia’s Ministry of Health are warning in a secret report to Prime Minister Putin that they have discovered a ‘critical link’ between the H1N1 influenza (Swine Flu) virus and genetically modified amylopectin potatoes that are consumed in massive quantities nearly exclusively by Westerners and sold in fast food restaurants as French Fries.” I think my heart just broke and my tummy just growled.  (Read more..