Extraordinary News of the Week (June 1- June 7)

This week in Extraordinary News!

Each week, Extraordinary Intelligence explores the strange, bizarre, hidden, and fascinating headlines emerging around the globe.  Below our featured story, be sure to read our summary of the best Extraordinary News making waves right now!

Extraordinary Top Story

Bilderberg in Spain while Estulin exposes them in Parliament

find thisAuthor and Bilderberg investigator Daniel Estulin

Another year, another meeting of the Shadow Government.  That’s right, it’s Bilderberg time!  This year, the puppet masters met in Spain, where reports have been that security was much more lax than in previous years, and there was generally a less hostile atmosphere.  Hmmmm, seems fishy to me.  Perhaps they were on their best behavior, because author Daniel Estulin (Club Bilderberg, The Bilderberg Group, Shadow Masters) had been testifying before the European Parliament on this VERY topic.

There is so much to cover with Bilderberg, I’m going to leave it to the experts. The following link will take you to the InfoWars.com Master Page for everything Bilderberg 2010, including a list of attendees and on the spot reports as to the daily happenings. This page is also wonderful because right at the top, there is a link for those yet unfamiliar with the cloak and dagger world of Bilderberg.

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And here is a video of Estulin unmasking Bilderberg for EU Parliament.


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More Extraordinary Headlines

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From Archaeology MagazineCrystal Skulls proven inauthentic. Oh great. Next you’re gonna tell me Indiana Jones is a fictional character. (Read more…)

From BBC News: The Running of the Blondes.  Apparently in Latvia, they are experiencing some terrible economic times.  In an effort to cheer up the people, Blonde women have been marching through the capital city.  Right. Because that’s EXACTLY what would cheer me up in a slump. (Read more…)

From Herald SunTorch wielding Elephants fight with fire.  In Bangladesh, the rapidly growing population is steadily encroaching on land where elephants roam.  Learning a few tricks from humans, these pachyderms have been known to steal torches from villagers and ignite their homes.  (Read more…)

From Aol News: Saudi Clerics encourage adult men to drink breast milk. File this one under, wtf?? So, apparently a Fatwa was recently issued declaring that adult men who come in contact with women should drink their breast milk, thereby making the woman a relative and okeydokey to mingle with.  That’s right Saudi ladies. Next time a man wants to suckle at your boob, don’t worry. It isn’t sexual at all. He just wants to make you his mommy. Seriously??? (Read more…)

From Live ScienceCracked out snails help to understand addiction.  Scientists have determined that one way to study the effect of addiction on humans is to give crystal meth to snails. What you think I made this up? Truth is stranger than fiction people.  Did ya read that one about the Saudi guys and breast milk? Snails on Meth sounds kinda quaint in comparison to that one! (Read more…)

From Mail OnlineCrop Circle displays lovely equation and sings a tune, too!  A complex crop circle found in the UK seems to contain the theorem for what is known as the most “beautiful equation”.  Awww, math is pretty! Also coded in the circle may be a musical tune! (Read more…)

From the Telegraph: 7 Members of Russian Cult stand trial for Cannibalism. A group of teens, calling themselves “devil worshipers” who learned how to worship “Satan” on the Internet (oh brother) apparently made the horrendous error in judgment to graduate from cat killing to cannibalism.  Sad all the way around. (Read more…)

From Daily MailPhone number of doom no longer in use. The number 0888 888 888 (UK mobile number) has been taken out of circulation after each person to whom it was assigned in the last 10 years died while the number was theirs.  Among these include a Bulgarian mafia boss and cocaine trafficking Estate agent.  So… maybe instead of retiring the number you could just stop giving it to raging criminals?  (Read more…)

From The Star: Canadian River Monster Update. The strange creature that we previously discussed here on E.I. (The New Montauk Monster) apparently has a name, omajinaakoos, which means “the ugly one”.   The animal’s origin remains a mystery, although a really sciencey fella from New Zealand totally agrees with ME that is is a River Otter, which officially means I’m smarter than you.  (Read more…)

From Live Science: Experts say video gamers have more control over dreams.  Which is really handy because they can work on their gaming strategy while they sleep so that they can wake up and play more video games.  Thanks nature, for bestowing such a neat gift upon those who are totally worthy.  (Read more…)