Extraordinary News of the Week (July 6 – 13)

This week in Extraordinary News!

Civil war ghost…Big Cats…Robo-Cricket…Giant Squid…Canadian Time Warp…Wanted: Witch…Dead Lake Monster…Crop Circle of Doom…Jerk face Genie…Wedding Day disaster


This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

Vatican concealed Galileo’s planetary discovery?

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A professor of physics at University of Melbourne has made a remarkable discovery.  While studying the 400 year old notebooks belonging to to Galileo, Professor David Jamieson believes he has uncovered buried evidence that Galileo discovered the planet that we now know as Neptune.

Galileo was known for being rather cryptic in his notes, but the professor points out a few places where this planetary discovery is apparent.  In one case, Galileo placed a black dot on a map, in precisely the place where Neptune would have been located.  He also makes mention of a bright star that had never been noted before, which is in a location that we now understand to be the location of Neptune.

“If this is correct Galileo observed Neptune 234 years before its official discovery.” says Prof. Jamieson.

Some believe that Galileo’s discovery may have been suppressed by religious leaders of the time, as the Vatican was not fond of the concept of more planets being added to the map.  Galileo may have revealed his discovery in an ancient cryptogram, or anagram that was later uncovered.  Please read more about this thrilling story here:  go here and here:  art research paper select a time period


More Extraordinary Headlines



From St. Petersburg TimesGhost Hunters capture voice of Civil War soldier. Ghost hunting team attempting to communicate with Union soldier William Barber believe they got what they came for.  (http://www.chamomileclinic.co.uk/)

From news.stv.tv: Dog sized cat spotted in Aberdeenshire. In yet another big cat sighting where no big cats should be, a woman walking her dog claims to have seen a black cat “about the size of a Labrador” walking around in the woods.  (Read more…)

From RadarOnlineOctomom says her house is haunted. That’s just what she needs.  More residents in her already cramped home.  What’s that sound you just heard? Oh, that’s just me crying over the fact that I just put an “octomom” article on Extraordinary Intelligence.  It will never happen again. (Read more…)

From New ScientistCyborg insects to sniff out survivors.   So, Pentagon researchers have invented a small army of cyborg crickets that could chirp at the discovery of disaster survivors. Cool.  (Read more…)

From NBC Bay AreaGiganto squid washes ashore after earthquake. Dozens of huge dazed Humboldt squid washed ashore moments after a 4.0 earthquake rocked the La Jolla area.  My favorite part of this story is that witnesses actually tried to save the squid from being eaten by seagulls.  They tried to put them all back into the water.  Unfortunately, the confused and disoriented squid kept washing back onto the beach.  (Read more…)

From CBC News: Power surges cause Canadian time warp.  Workers on the power grid in British Columbia have caused the electric clocks in the region to steadily jump forward in time, confusing residents.  (Read more…)

From AnanovaWitch for hire. Interested in working as a witch and living in a cave?  Well, a company is actually using a job hunting service to fill that very position.  Requirements? ‘Must be able to cackle’, ‘must not be allergic to cats’ and will enjoy a pro rata salary of £50,000 working during school holidays and at weekends.’ Where do I apply??? Thanks to our VampireDaze.com colleague for the heads up on this story. (Read more…)

From Canada.comOgopogo carcass found? Arlene Gaal, a noted researcher of Ogopogo (A legendary Lake Monster in Okanagan Lake) believes that the remains of the famous beast may have been discovered by a kayaker. (Read more…)

From The TelegraphMayan crop circle heralds apocalypse. A mysterious and beautiful crop circle has appeared near the tallest prehistoric man-made mound in Europe.  It depicts a Mayan headdress, which is said to be a symbol of the impending end of the world, according to the Mayan long count calendar.  DOOM!  (Read more…)

From BBCA Saudi “Genie” will have his day in court. A family in Saudi Arabia is accusing a “Genie” of harassment and theft.   According to Al Watan newspaper, they accuse the spirit of threatening them, throwing stones and stealing mobile phones.  I thought genies only granted wishes.  I had no idea they were a-holes! (Read more…)

From MSNBC.comBridal bouquet causes plane to crash. A beautiful Tuscan wedding in Italy turned sour when a bridal bouquet launched from a light weight plane got caught in the plane’s rotor, causing the crash.  No one was seriously injured.  In other news, the superstitious plane has already begun picking out wedding colors.  (Read more…)