Extraordinary News of the Week (July 20-29)

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Each week, Extraordinary Intelligence explores the strange, bizarre, hidden, and fascinating headlines emerging around the globe.  Below our featured story, be sure to read our summary of the best Extraordinary News making waves right now!

Extraordinary Top Story

White House Wants to Make it Easier for FBI to Access Private Emails


In a story just breaking today (July 29th) by the Washington Post, the Obama Administration is seeking to ease restrictions on the FBI when attempting to access private email correspondence of American citizens.

The White House would like to see the FBI have access to these items without a warrant or judicial approval.  The language being used to describe the types of items the FBI would have access to is “electronic communication transactional records”.  But what this means is… any email correspondence that the agency deems suspicious may be accessed without a court order.

Officials claim that this new provision would only give agents access to the addresses to which an Internet user sends e-mail; the times and dates e-mail was sent and received; and possibly a user’s browser history. According to Government lawyers, this will not include the “content” of e-mail or other Internet communication.   My response? Yeah right.

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More Extraordinary Headlines



From ABC Boston: Bear breaks into house and steals… a bear.  In a story I can only describe as friggin adorable, a black bear broke into a New Hampshire home, and after munching on some fruit in the kitchen, made his getaway with a TEDDY BEAR! (Read more…)

From news.scotsman.comNine Foot Coat hanger Jesus Unveiled.  I sincerely wonder how the devout will react when they see that Jesus looks remarkably like Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies.  Seriously. Check out the pic. (Read more…)

From Science Daily OMG Asteroid alert! Scientists have discovered that a potentially hazardous asteroid may collide with Earth… in 2182.  Just in case, I’m placing a BluRay  (not DVD cause Blu-Ray is more futuristic)  copy of “Armageddon” in a time capsule for my descendants, so they know what to do.  (Read more…)

From The TelegraphMahmoud not Amused by Psychic Octopus Paul.  Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has declared his disdain for Paul, the beloved Octopus who accurately predicted the outcome of the World Cup Games.  So for those keeping track, Mahmoud’s list of Infidels includes Americans, Jews, Christians, Women, and Psychic Cephalopods. (Read more…)

From the Colorado Springs GazetteThe end is NIGH! As in, less than a year from now.  A Colorado Springs woman believes she knows the exact date of Armageddon, and it is in May of 2011.  She’s so convinced that she’s paid $1,200 to buy advertising space on 10 Springs bus benches through October to get the word out.  Well… on the bright side I guess we can stop worrying about that asteroid.  (Read more…)

From Live Science: Stone Age Swedish Women had Needs, Too.  An excavation in Sweden has turned up and interesting object carved out of antler bone.  Rather than tell you what I think it resembles, I’ll share with you the thoughts of archaeologist Gšran Gruber of the National Heritage Board in Sweden, who pretty much sums it up.  “Your mind and my mind wanders away to make this interpretation about what it looks like – for you and me, it signals this erected-penis-like shape.”  (Read more…)

From PhysOrg.comYour plot to travel back in time and shoot your ancestors has been foiled. The age old paradox baffling time travel theorists has always been… what would happen if someone went back in time and shot their grandfather? Would they simply poof out of existence? Cleverly named “the grandfather paradox”, this quandary has led many to believe that Time Travel would be highly dangerous, if not impossible.  Experts at MIT have discovered a workaround for the glitch.  (Read more…)

From News DailyAntarctic Octopus has Anti-Freeze Venom.  Researchers have discovered four new species of octopus in Antarctica with venom that works at sub-zero temperatures.  I’ll be expecting some harsh criticism from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about these heathens.  (Read more…)

From the L.A. TimesPodesta writes forward to new UFO book. Former President Clinton’s chief of staff John Podesta is lending his name to a new book on UFOs.  Having such a high profile person involved in a book on this subject matter is a big boost to the Ufology community.  The L.A. Times however, shows how seriously it takes this story by including an image and video clip of South Park with the article.  Keep it classy L.A. Times.  (Read more…)