Extraordinary News of the Week (Feb 26 – March 5)

Wowzers! It has been quite some time since we’ve given our weekly rundown of Extraordinary News!  I apologize for getting off track.   We’ve been experiencing some technical yuckiness followed by some upgradey loveliness, and now we’re back in the zone! For those curious, the cute kitty in a cape pictured below is my precious baby Solomon.  He’s the new Extraordinary News mascot.  Solomon = WINNING!

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From Daily Mail: Dumpster puppy comes back to life... The sweetest little puppy wuppy you ever did see was declared to sick to save, put to sleep by a vet, and thrown in a dumpster.  Wall-E (the pup’s name) had other plans.  He was found by an animal control officer whimpering the next morning.  (Go Here)

From The TelegraphVirgin Mary appears on Cornwall cliff wall…  Vacationing hikers snapped a picture of the rocky coastline only to find what they describe as an image of the Virgin Mary.  Upon examining the photo displayed in the article, I am seeing less Virgin Mary and more Grey alien holding a coffee cup.  What do you see?  (dating websites for people over 50)

From TwitterCharlie Sheen’s tigerblood ensures an endlessly epic streak of WINNING! By now we’ve all witnessed the EPIC drama that is Charlie Sheen.  It began to unfold on the Alex Jones show in a now infamous interview, and proceeded to spill over to all other news outlets (including this esteemed source!).  Sheen has now taken to Twitter, and has even set a Guinness World Record for most followers accumulated in 24 hours.  His hashtags have regularly been appearing in the trending topics, such as #tigerblood and #winning.  (more)

From New ScientistPlague researcher succumbs to the Plague… University of Chicago plague researcher, Malcolm Casadaban, died after a bizarre string of misfortune causes him to come down with the dreaded plague himself.  (Read more…)

From Aol NewsCouple finds Alien face in sawn log… I dunno.  Kinda looks like the Virgin Mary to me.  (The number of you who get that joke will reveal who has been paying attention thus far)  (Read more…)

From Daily Mail “Wolf child” says her supreme hairiness makes her more popular in school… A young girl who used to be accustomed to non-stop bullying, says that after being named by Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s hairiest girl, she is now extremely popular.  (Read more…)

From Daily MailMeow meow Take Us to Your Meow Meow Leader! Russian flight controllers say that they made contact with a UFO who’s female sounding occupant spoke an unintelligible cat-like language.  (Read more…)

From the Washington Post: Nation of Islam to address the question of UFOs… In a conference to be held this weekend, the Nation of Islam will discuss publicly their long held belief in UFOs.  (Read more…)

From The SunCynthia Crawford shares says she’s only 34% Human… At the recently held 2011 International UFO Congress, many unique artists and experts appeared sharing their knowledge of aliens and their appreciation of the Ufology community.  One of the most talked about vendors was sculptor Cynthia Crawford.  She claims:

“I came from a government experiment… My mom was drugged as part of a program and impregnated with me. There are many races … I love them all. I channel their energies into my sculptures.”  (Read more…)

From News and Star Brownessie continues to make waves… I previously reported here on E.I. about a recent sighting of Lake Windermere’s Brownessie.  Now, others are coming forward with their tales of encounters with the elusive lake monster, including Thomas Noblett, who claims that Brownessie touched his leg while swimming.  (Read more…)

From PhysOrgResearchers solve Time Travel’s Grandfather Paradox... So now you can travel to the past and shoot your ancestors with reckless abandon.  (Read more…)

From GizmodoGiant cavern discovered on the Moon. An underground chamber has been discovered near the Moon’s equator by Indian Space Research Organization.  (Read more…)

From Daily MailCouple spends life savings to flee poltergeist. French musician Jean Marc Mariole and his former model wife Charlotte have spent £3,000 of their life savings on hotel rooms after discovering that their apartment was haunted.  (Read more…)

Brazilian UFO Makes World Wide Headlines

Amateur footage has emerged of a UFO that was spotted over Sao Paulo.  The video features what appears to be a disc shaped craft hovering in the clouds above, which suddenly disappears in a flash of light, followed by a trail of colorful bursts.

The footage first appeared on Brazilian TV station G1.  The news anchors explained that the film was captured by two motorists who saw the object and jumped out of their car to record it.  Here is what they saw:

I’m not entirely sure what to make of the video.  I got the same feeling that I did while watching the UFO videos over the Dome of the Rock in Jeruselem.  Something just seems… off.  What do you think?  Read more here:  ‘UFO’ Lights Up Brazil Skies