Extraordinary News of the Week (August 9-17)

This week in Extraordinary News!

Howdy weirdos and weirdettes!  It has been WEEKS since I’ve posted the Extraordinary News!  I’ve been so sidetracked with the little crapfest that life decided to throw at me in the last month that I just haven’t had the energy to research the news of the week. But…. I’m back, and there’s been some really great stuff happening in the land o’ the bizarre, and I’m ready to fill you all in right now!


Briton bad boy burns…Pharaoh MJ…Wal-Mart destruction…miracle baby…love potion looters…tick tock fix…Aussie UFOs…Hungarian discovery…meat eating plant…mermaids in Israel…poisonous sea slugs…beer swilling women…Da Vinci’s Lion


This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

British National Archive Papers reveal secret mission to expose L. Ron Hubbard’s fraudulent activities

is cipro an antibiotic

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, uses his Hubbard Electrometer to determine whether tomatoes experience pain, 1968.

British diplomats compiled evidence 30 years ago that the founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, was a “fraud”, according to National Archive papers. (telegraph.co.uk)

This fascinating report reveals, among other things, that  L. Ron Hubbard awarded himself a PhD from a sham college he had acquired in California.  It seems that British investigators began researching Hubbard’s background after the decision in 1968 to ban followers from entering Britain to visit the sect’s headquarters in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

The report alleges some really sensational stuff.  According to the Telegraph: The dossier of evidence, gathered during the 1970s, included the extraordinary claim by an American official that the sect had sent bogus doctors to hypnotise a legal investigator and declare him ‘mentally ill’ to thwart his inquiries into their activities.” Read the entire article here:  Continue Reading

More Extraordinary Headlines

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From the TelegraphGreat Balls of Fire!! A Greek woman became a national hero overnight by…uh…asserting herself against the unwanted advances of a Briton.  She started his genitals on fire!  She’s been charged with “causing bodily injuries to the Briton and of endangering private property” which in this case I think are one in the same. (website here)

From NBCChicago.com: Remember the Time?? The headline here is a reference to the Michael Jackson song, which featured a video set in ancient Egypt…you’ll understand when you click on the link and look at the picture.  Cuh-ree-peh! (Read more…)

From The Institute for Southern StudiesIs this really worth a discount on fabric softener? Wal-Mart, the king of the bullies, has broken new ground in it’s quest for world domination and all around a-hole status.  A 1,500-year-old Native American ceremonial mound is to be destroyed, and the dirt used as fill for a new Sam’s Club.  Turns my stomach. (Read more…)

From the Telegraph: Miracle baby found alive in coffin. Jose Alvarenga was grieving the death of his infant son.  Having been pronounced dead shortly after birth, the nursed at the Paraguay hospital put the baby in a temporary coffin and set it home to the father.  “I opened it to look at his remains and found that the baby was breathing,” Mr Alvarenga recounted. “I began to cry.” (Read more…)

From STVSeekers of love potions destroy Saint’s tomb. When it comes to l’amore, some people will go to any length.  Even if it means defiling Saint Agapitikos’ tomb to get some dirt or stone for their love potion.  (Read more…)

From BBCResidents of Welsh town released from “time warp”. A church clock that has been notoriously off time and hasn’t chimed in over 25 years is now working…leaving parishioners and clergy to find a new excuse for being late for services.  (Read more…)

From Northern Territory NewsUFO footage captured over Australia…again. In recent months, some of the most convincing and mind boggling UFO reports have been coming from Down Under.  Acacia Hills resident Alan Ferguson has captured some fascinating UFO footage, which he claims shows an object that has been hovering over his home for 12 months.  (Read more…)

From Discoveryon4,000 year old settlement uncovered in East Hungary. Diggers working on a local sewage treatment project have uncovered what appears to be the largest ancient settlement of its kind in Hungary.  The discovery spans three time periods from the Bronze age to the Samaritan Period to the 8th and 9th centuries.  (Read more…)

From BBC Earth News: Feed Me, Seymour! If that line evokes terrifying images in your head of a giant meat eating plant…you may not want to read further.  A new species of giant carnivorous plant has been discovered in the Philippines.  “You know the kind’a eats, the kind’a red HOT sweets, the kind’a sticky licky treats I crave!”  My apologies. Songs from that movie have been running through my brain since I read this story. Carry on!  (Read more…)

From Sky.com Mermaids make a Splash in Israel. I thought I was being really clever with that headline, but apparently Sky News and I have the same lame sense of humor.  Oh well, I’m keepin’ it!  A wave of mermaid sightings in Kiryat Yam municipality in Israel have prompted people to keep an eye on the sea.  The town council is even offering a $1 million for anyone able to capture evidence of the merfolk.  (Read more…)

From ABC.net.auDog-killing sea slugs torment New Zealand coast. Dogs have been turning up dead all around Auckland.  Scientists now believe they have the answer.  Apparently the poor pooches have been perishing by partaking in poisonous sea slugs! (Read more…)

From the Telegraph MI5/Transvestite/Messiah evicted! This one is so fascinating, I’m just going to directly quote the article…David Shayler, the transvestite former MI5 spy who believes he is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ, is facing forcible eviction from a 17th Century farmhouse he has been living in as a squat. (Read more…)

From BBC: Beer drinking women have stronger bones. This must explain my super human, nearly indestructible frame! (Read more…)

From ABCnews.com.au Da Vinci’s Lion Roars back to life!  File this one under…COOL!  A mechanical lion invented by Leonardo Da Vinci has been recreated and activated in his last known home.  Amazing video.  (Read more…)