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Flip-Floppers Galore

tramadol 50 mg dogsStephen Hawking and Bjørn Lomborg do a little waffling this week.

This week, two high profile people in the world of Science reneged on their previous stances regarding some big issues.  First up, Stephen Hawking.

Hawking, author of the ground breaking 1988 book, http://www.altsystems.com/, has revealed that he has changed his mind about the existence of God.   Rather, where he once believed that God and science could co-exist, or that Science could actually reveal God, he now says flatly in his new book http://integrativephysicalmedicine.com/ that God did not create the Universe.

Previously, Hawking had stated that “If we discover a complete theory, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason — for then we should know the mind of God.”  Apparently now, the mind of God doesn’t exist.  Read more here:  Continue

In other flippity-floppity news, Bjørn Lomborg, one of the most prominent Global Warming skeptics, has had an about face as well.  Where he once believed that all government actions to curb global warming were foolishness, and that human should simply learn to adapt to climate changes, now has jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon.  He is urging world leaders to invest in clean energy, and even announced that he favors the much maligned “Carbon Tax”.  Interestingly, he is quoted less than a year ago on xanax dosage dog as saying, “How do you want to be remembered? By spending trillions of dollars to do virtually no good a hundred years from now, or by spending much less money now and making a much  better worlds?”  Clearly, this is quite a flip flop, as he is now calling for a $100 Billion fund to fight the effects of global warming.

Certainly, this will make the former pariah of the Al Gore fan club their new poster boy.  Innneresting.  Read more here:  (Btw, the spelling of “Skeptic” is apparently a little squirrely in the U.K.) Climate ‘sceptic’ Bjørn Lomborg now believes global warming is one of world’s greatest threats

More Extraordinary Headlines



From Aol News: El Chupacabra es no bueno.  Chupacabra, aka goat sucker, may have just added a new moniker to its resume.  Goat decapitator. Seems 300 goats were found beheaded in Mexico, and locals are blaming the usual suspect. (Btw, check out my take on Chupacabra here:  El Chupacabra: Mythical Monster or Major Disappointment? (Read more…)

From Aol News: Magnetic Momma Makes Metal Mayhem.  Ahhhh alliteration.  Why must you entertain me so? Anyhoo, Brenda Allison has a special gift.  She’s got a simply MAGNETIC personality. (wah wah) Seriously though, metal stuff just sticks to her.  Keys, coins, tools, etc… she can attach them to her body and they hold on.  Her Magnetic Magic is a Mystery. (hehe) (Read more…)

From the TelegraphLying monk is on the lam.   “Supreme Master” Li Yi is on the run from authorities, as his laundry list of superhuman abilities turn out to be fake.  The monk who is a celebrity of sorts in China due to his outlandish claims of super powers (holding his breath for 2 hours underwater, ability to withstand electrocution by 200 volts).  Turns out that these claims along with stories he told about being a Cambridge Professor are all fibs, certifying him as a “Supreme Phoney Phoney”.  (Read more…)

From Daily MailIf you electrocute your own nipples in class, is it really your teacher’s fault for not warning you that it would be a bad idea??? Yep that’s it. Just a headline. I believe I summed it up quite nicely. (Read more…)

From We Are Central PABoob hires Butts to Murder other Boob. Yep, sometimes I think it’s best to just not spoil such a priceless  headline with a story. (Read more…)

From WXII12.comParanormal Investigator hunting for Ghost Train gets Killed by a Real Train.  This is not funny.  Ironic, yes.  Funny, no.  (Read more…)

From News.com.auNW Coast has a foot problem.  A severed foot problem.  A severed foot washed ashore in Washington State, making it the 8th foot to wash up on the Washington coast  since 2008. This is kind of a macabre set of news stories this week. Hopefully the next one will be cheerful. (Read more…)

From STV.TVKitten survives 20 mile journey trapped in the engine of a car.  Yaaaay! That’s better! The most precious little kitty witty you ever did see was rescued by mechanics after a politician’s wife heard meowing from under the hood of the car.  (Read more and see pics of the sweet little baby…)

From the Guardian:   Got a body part to spare? In a story sure to make both cannibals and college students in need of beer money very happy,  a restaurant in Germany advertised that they are looking for people to willingly supply them with body parts, so that they can be cooked and served to diners.  (Read more…)