Extraordinary News of the Week (April 6-11)

Each week we delve into the top headlines that may not have made it to the front page, but are no less noteworthy.  Keep reading after the featured story, for a list of even more Extraordinary news of the week.

This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

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Knights Templar Worshiped the Shroud of Turin

Newly discovered evidence uncovered by Vatican researchers reveals that the Knights Templar guarded and venerated the Turin Shroud.   While researching the topic, “missing clues” have been revealed that directly link the Shroud with the Knights.

Vatican documents included an account of a Templar initiation rite in 1287 of a young Frenchman, Arnaut Sabbatier.

“(I was) shown a long piece of linen on which was impressed the figure of a man and told to worship it, kissing the feet three times,” said the document.

The shroud, a long piece of cloth bearing the image of a man’s face and body, is kept in Turin is dated from at least 1357 when it was first displayed by the widow of a French knight.  Read more on this fascinating discovery at http://www.idear-net.net/

More Extraordinary Headlines



From the Coventry Telegraph: Bus Stop to Nowhere. A community is baffled by a Bus Stop that seems to have come out of nowhere, and is located in a place where the road leads to nothing.  (how to tell if your synthroid is working)

From WCNC: Mysterious Creature Tears Apart Family Car. A family awakens to find their SUV clawed and scratched by an unknown creature.  Authorities claim they’ve never seen anything like it.  “Oh man,” exclaimed 8-year-old RJ Gilliam. “I saw the car. I was like, ‘What in the world happened?'”  Creature even manages to remove the vehicle’s brakes! (Read more…)

From Nola.com: Man Chews and Swallows chunk Bitten from Another Man’s Arm! While gardening at his home, Joseph Lancellotti was approached by a stranger who attacked him, struggled, and eventually bit his arm, tearing away the flesh, and then…ate it.  (Read more…)

From Sky News: Ghost Captured on CCTV. Eight seconds of footage were captured at Croxteth Hall in Liverpool, which show a ghostly figure.  (Read more and watch video…)

From Discovery Channel: Lockheed Martin Develops Exoskeleton to Enhance Soldiers. It is called the Human Universal Load Carrier, or HULC, and promises to make members of the armed forces stronger, faster, and more lethal.  (Read more…)

From Fox News: UFO Hoaxers Now Facing Charges. In last week’s Extraordinary News, we mentioned that a couple of men were busted faking UFOs with flares that caused quite an uproar. This week, they were formally charged with “disorderly conduct”.  (See video Report…)

From Science DailyImage of a Young Pulsar in Space resembles Human Hand. The pulsar is a rapidly spinning neutron star which is spewing energy out into the space around it to create complex and intriguing structures, including one that resembles a large cosmic hand.  (Read more…)

From BBCMosques in Mecca “Wrongly Aligned”. Some worshipers are becoming nervous as it becomes evident that perhaps 200 or more Mosques in Mecca are not facing the proper direction of their most sacred site.  (Read more…)

From Raw Story: New Evidence of Explosives Fuels New Questions about 9/11 Attacks. A new study in the Open Chemical Physics  Journal claims that Physicists have found evidence of “a highly engineered explosive,” in the rubble of the WTC.  (Read more…)