Extraordinary News of the Week (April 27-May 3)

Each week we delve into the top headlines that may not have made it to the front page, but are no less noteworthy.  Keep reading after the featured story, for a list of even more Extraordinary news of the week.

This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

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Hans Holzer in 1969

Famous Paranormal Investigator Hans Holzer dies at 89.

Sad news this week as we mourn the loss of one of the most influential ghost hunters of all time.  Hans Holzer, best remembered for his investigation of the famous Amityville Horror house, passed away at his home in New York.

Hans was a dedicated advocate for paranormal research.  He wrote more than 140 books on subjects ranging from hauntings and the afterlife, to witchcraft and UFOs.  Born in Austria, Hans developed an affinity for the unexplained after being told ghost stories by an uncle.  He left Austria for New York in 1938, shortly before the Nazi takeover.

Hans held a Master’s Degree in comparative religion and a doctorate in parapsychology from the London College of Applied Science. He went on to teach parapsychology at the New York Institute of Technology.  He called himself  “a scientific investigator of the paranormal.”  Read more about this pioneer in the world of the unknown here:  http://www.redshift3.com/should-marijuana-be-legalized-essay/

Episode of “In Search Of..” from 1976, following Hans Holzer


More Extraordinary Headlines

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From BBCWhite Buffalo is “Bad Omen” in Kenya. An albino buffalo was born for the first time in Kenya, leading to speculation as to whether it is a bad omen for the Maasai people of the region.  Some believe that albinism is a sign of famine, and wardens worry for the calf’s safety.  (charles lamb essays GA)

From Pets in TouchDog blown away by storm located by psychic. Tinkerbell, a chihuahua from Michigan was swept away by strong winds, leaving her owners frantic to find her.  Pet psychic Lorrie pin points Tinkerbell’s exact location, happily reuniting pooch and her parents.  (does nolvadex cause hair loss in men)

From New Scientist: Web Searches Predict the Future? Providing an up to the minute snapshot of what people around the world are thinking or doing at any given moment, real time web searches may offer a glimpse of future events.  (Read more…)

From the Daily MailBritish Explores believe they have located the world’s largest cave. Deep in the heart of the Vietnamese jungle, cave explorers believe that they have made a fascinating discovery…perhaps the world’s largest known cave.  You must click on the following link to see dazzling images from inside the cave.  (Read more…)

From Costa Rica Times: Virgin of Guadalupe appears in restaurant griddle. A cook at Las Palmas diner claims to have seen Our Lady of Guadalupe on the griddle she uses every day.  Hundreds have flocked to the establishment located in Calexico, prompting owners to pull the griddle to be placed in a storage room shrine.  (Read more…)

From Roswell Daily Record UFO Investigators may have found an E.T. relic. At the Roswell Civic Center, UFO Investigators this week revealed something strange.  A number of artifacts that were found during a dig in 2002 at the Roswell site have sparked a renewed investigation into the site, and primarily into the objects themselves, which some call, “Otherworldly”.  (Read more…)

From Nation GeographicDid some dinosaurs survive extinction? James Fassett, an emeritus scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Santa Fe, New Mexico, claims that an isolated group of dinosaurs in the United States survived the mass extinction 65 million years ago.  (Read more…)