Extraordinary News of the Week 11-18 May

This week in Extraordinary News!

Maniac bee swarms…Telepathic Soldiers…Mass psychosis…Crazy cars… Frog surgery…Zombie ants…Mysterious lights…Orangutan ‘Houdini’

This Week’s Extraordinary Top Story

Tourist stung more than 500 times as bees swarm a

French art gallery.

An English tourist in her late twenties is recovering after being stung more than 500 times when a massive swarm of bees attacked visitors to an art gallery in France on May 17.

In what witnesses described like a ‘scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie’, thousands of bees suddenly descended on a dozen – mainly British – tourists.

Visitors ran screaming, fleeing to nearby buildings and parked cars and any other cover they could find in desperate attempts to get away from the maniacal bees.

Three people who had been viewing paintings and sculptures in a pigeon loft of a country house in Moulidars, near Cognac, in the Charente region were taken to hospital after the drama on Saturday afternoon.

I’d heard the French sometimes don’t like the Brits but it seems even the insect world has it in for them.

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More Extraordinary Headlines

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From Wired: Pentagon Prepares for Soldier Telepathy. In what seems right out of an X-Files episode, the researchers at the Pentagon’s mad-science division Darpa are hoping to find and train soldiers of the future to communicate by reading each other’s minds. No more battlefield radios, combat PDAs or even infantry hand signals. Hmmm, I hope they keep their minds on the job.

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From China.orgMass illness in Jilin, China: psychosomatic or gas poison? Even though thousands of people developed symptoms of headache, nausea, muscle fatigue and seizures, experts on Thursday ruled out the possibility of chemical pollution as the cause for a mass illness that hospitalized 161 people in northeast China’s Jilin Province. Mass hallucination?? Gawd!

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From Gazette LiveMystery as Stockton cars behave oddly. A group of baffled drivers encountered a morning of motoring mystery in Stockton. Residents on Leam Lane, Bishopsgarth, woke last Wednesday to find their cars’ electrical systems behaving oddly. My car behaves oddly all the time but that just could be my driving.

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From The Daily Telegraph: Green tree frog saved after being run over by lawnmower. An Australian Green Tree Frog has been given a second chance after it underwent life-saving emergency surgery when it was run over by a lawnmower. Yes, a vet operated on something many people dissect in biology classes.

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From Fort Worth StarParasitic flies turn fire ants into zombies. It sounds like something out of science fiction: zombie fire ants. This is enough to give anyone a case of the heebie-jeebies. The South American phorid fly “dive-bomb” the fire ants and lay eggs…in the ants. The maggot that hatches inside the ant eats away at the brain, and the ant starts going all ‘Shawn of the Dead’. The ants wander aimlessly for around a month until the maggot hatches. Eventually their heads fall off, and they die. Eeeeew.

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From STV Scotland: Footage of mystery lights captured over Fraserburgh. Footage of mysterious lights in the the sky has been captured over Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. At one stage around 16 of the lights were apparent, rising higher in the sky and then disappearing.

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From ABC News Australia: Orangutan short-circuits escapes zoo enclosure by short-circuiting electric fence. On Sunday, one of the zoo’s busiest days of the year, 27-year-old Sumatran orangutan Karta, used a stick to short-circuit electric wires and climbed on top of the brick fence surrounding her enclosure. Clever! I doubt I could figure out how to short circuit anything on purpose!

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