Extraordinary News (June 2-June 14)

This week in Extraordinary News!

(brace yourselves. I was unable to post an Extraordinary News last week, so this is a double whammy!)

UFOland…smart bats…amiable apes…tadpole rain…Botox walks…frog god…office ghost…nude basket riding murder plot…snarky scientists…meteorite boy…buffalo clones…dinosaur dilemma



Extraordinary Top Stories


Raelian Theme Park in Las Vegas?

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Yes, you read that correctly, and it appears to be true.  Rael and his followers (learn more about them here:  http://www.finegreen.co.uk/) are planning on building a park in Vegas called UFOland.  Cool!  Please oh please tell me the above pictured space ship will be one of the rides!  According to Lasvegasnow.com, UFOland will include a Happiness Academy and will host a museum and a 1000-seat theatre where  Rael, will give lectures.  Ah, Raelians…you truly are the spice of life.  Read more here:   Click Here


Bats ‘recognise others’ voices’


This lovely bat picture was captured by me in Memphis, TN.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

I simply cannot believe that I’ve been doing this blog as long as I have, and I’ve never done a post about bats!  I love them.  I just think they’re incredible.  The BBC is reporting new scientific research that shows how bats might hunt in packs.  It seems that they are able to discern the echolocation noises from other bats.  This fascinating new study is explained in full detail here: can you overdose on viagra pills


More Extraordinary Headlines

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From Guardian.co.uk: Primates have always been the life of the party! New research shows that laughing is not a uniquely human gift.  It seems that primates have been yukking it up for 10 million years.  Click here for audio of a Gorilla laughing. I love this story.  I love the idea that there are other creatures on this Earth that giggle.  (Read more…)

From YahooUKTadpoles from Heaven. A small coastal town in Japan is reporting that there are tadpoles falling from the sky during the rainy season.  (Read more…)

From Telegraph.co.ukAustralian man walks with Botox. Upside? A man who was paralyzed for 20 years has regained his ability to walk after being injected with Botox.  Downside?  He’ll never be able to wipe that look of shock off of his face.  (Read more…)

From The SunRainbow frog acheives god status. Apparently, there is a wee frog in India that constantly changes colors. The man who found it keeps it in a jar and locals have been flocking to pray to the creature.  A man who should receive the coolest name award, Professor Oommen V. Oommen of India’s Kerala University, bursts their bubble by commenting that this behavior is totally normal in frogs when they are afraid.  I wonder what colors I’d change if I was being held captive in a jar?  (Read more…)

From digtriad.comGhost caught on surveillance camera.  Office workers in South Carolia claim that they’ve caught a ghostly apparition on tape every night for the past month!  The ghost has been named “Claire” and appears to float over to a chair, sit down, and then disappear. (Read more…)

From allAfrica.com: Woman flies naked in a basket with an intent to murder. Woman claims that she used witchcraft and  “flew naked in a winnowing basket” in an effort to kill a relative.  Gives new meaning to the term “Basket case”.  (Read more…)

From MercuryNews.com: New Phallus mushroom named in friend’s honor.  A scientist who discovered a new mushroom resembling a part of the male anatomy, decided to name it after his colleague, Bob Drewes.  The mushroom’s name? Phallus drewesii, which translates to “Drewes’ Penis“.  Nice.  With friends like this, who needs enemies?  (Read more…)

From Dailymail: Boy survives being hit by a meteorite! A space rock traveling over 30,000 mph grazed the kid as he was on his way to school, forcing the old standby “the dog ate my homework” excuse to be officially retired. (Read more…)

From SouthFlorida.comBone bearing inscriptions suggests early humans in Florida. A fossil collector has stumbled upon a bone that has a carving of a mastodon etched into it.  This means that people may have been sunning in Florida for 13,000 years!  (Read more…)

From Phenomenica.com: Attack of the Buffalo clones. Scientists in India have successfully cloned another buffalo.  Fingers crossed on this one.  The last one was cloned from ear tissue, and died from pneumonia.  (Read more…)

From MSNBC.comDinosaur footprints found in Wyoming and Scotland identical.  Scientists can find no differences between footprints discovered in  Wyoming and Scotland.  They speculate that the dinosaurs were the same species, but I think this just means they could travel from place to place through the space time continuum.  Or they used magic.   (Read more…)