Extraordinary Friday Video Post: Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla


Doubtless you were reduced to a puddle of tears yesterday when I neglected to do my weekly Extraordinary Thursday Video Post.  Well, I apologize for rocking your world like this, but I actually had a reason for waiting the extra day.  Luckily, I was able to make a clever and subtle change to the above graphic. 🙄

The reason for the delay is that today, July 10, is the Birthday of Nikola Tesla, one of the most overlooked yet influential men in modern history.  (It’s also my dad’s birthday, and I think he’s rather awesome as well!)

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Nikola Tesla at age 40

When we think of electricity, we think of Thomas Edison.  But who we really should be thanking is Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current.  Tesla is also the man to thank for radio, not to mention all wireless communications.  In fact, Nikola Tesla may be the mad genius behind many inventions of the future, such as particle beams and weather modification.  Then there is the fact that he claimed to know a way to split the entire planet in half. He was truly a great mind, and a personal hero of yours truly.

In honor of the accomplishments of Nikola Tesla, I am devoting this week’s post to his works.  I sincerely hope that you will take a look at one or two or all of these vids, and learn a little more about this incredible man who has been maligned, unfairly belittled, and nearly forgotten by history.

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla, wherever you are.

Nikola Tesla – The Lost Wizard. This is a phenomenal short biography of Tesla that aired on the History Channel. If you only watch one, this is the one.

Nikola Tesla – The Genius Who Lit the World.  This one is a little dry, but provides a very detailed account of Tesla’s life, and defends his contributions to science in a very thorough manner.  Must see to really appreciate Tesla’s work.

The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla. This one is great.  There used to be this really interesting show called Phenomenon – The Lost Archives, hosted by Dean Stockwell.  This is an episode that was dedicated to the more advanced claims made by Tesla.  Fascinating!

Holes in Heaven – Advances in Tesla Technology. This one focuses on HAARP.  If you don’t know what HAARP is, this video is for you, because it lays it out precisely.  Or just ask an Alaskan.  This is where the weather modification I mentioned earlier comes into play. It’s a well produced documentary, and well worth your time.