Extraordinary and Enchanting Animated Shorts

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Scene from award winning animated short, “The Lady and the Reaper”

Whenever a new animated feature film is released, my husband and I are the first in line to check it out.   We absolutely LOVED Learn More Here and I will always love the classic Disney movies… my favorites being Home Page and Website.

I love animation.  I am a kid at heart.  That said, not all cartoons are for kids.

I am absolutely obsessed with some of the animated shorts that I’ve seen online.  Many of them are geared entirely toward an adult audience.  Ranging from beautifully elaborate to sublimely simple, I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorites.

Hughbert – By Mallory Dyer

This one I just happened upon yesterday.  It is what inspired this post.  Lovely in it’s black and white simplicity, Hughbert evokes a sense of melancholy that is not easily achieved in this medium.  I loved it.

Lady Ice – By Liron Pe’er

This is just exceptional animation.  Ms. Pe’er needs to be working for Disney.  Or creating her own feature.  The story is whimsical and heart wrenching.  If you enjoy the work of Liron Pe’er, please share it. She’s an amazing talent.


Get Out – by Charlotte Boisson

This bizarre little French short is an eerie and entertaining glimpse into the secret world of a man afraid of doors.  Watch all the way until the ending… to see what’ s on the other side.

Invasions – By Clément Morin

Very cute short about a visitor from another world as he begins his journey on Earth.  This one will especially appeal to regular Extraordinary Intelligence readers.

Sebastian’s Voodoo – By Joaquin Baldwin

Remarkable and creepy short.  A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

Alma – By Rodrigo Blaas

This is a frightening little film about a little girl who is enchanted by a doll in a shop window…  a very special doll.  Brilliant.

The Cat Came Back  – By Cordell Barker

Oh my goodness! It has probably been 20 years since I’ve seen this one!  This Canadian classic short film used to air on HBO when I was much younger.  It was released in 1988, so I guess I would’ve been around 11 years old.  I recall just loving it!  It is so wickedly hilarious, I feel so nostalgic watching this now!

Ok now it’s your turn! I know I’ve missed so many, and there are millions more out there that I haven’t seen.  Know of a great animated short?  Share it with me in the comments, and let me know what you think about the above selection!